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“I’m not dead yet!”

This is just a quick update-y sort of post to let you all know that . . .

My daughter survived the 14-hour drive from New Orleans and is safely home. Can’t even tell you how good it is to have her home for a while. Her cat is very happy too and is having fun showing off her newest trick: opening cupboard doors and exploring inside. [sigh]

My son and his girlfriend are settled into their new place and everyone is still speaking to each other after having experienced the joy and frivolity of moving day.  At least no one got hurt. And it didn’t rain.

In between daily stints of working, there has been much talking and cooking and laughing and grocery shopping and baking and several hugs and more talking. And eating. Not much writing at all, but I don’t have a deadline and that can just wait. It will be quiet again soon enough.

I’ve posted a few more of my Great Aunt Mabel’s letters, the ones she wrote while stationed at Stark General Hospital in Charleston, SC in the fall of 1943. You can find them by clicking HERE. I’ve also added a convenient link over there on the sidebar.

And that’s about it. I’m enjoying the break from the internet, even though I feel as if I’m missing all sorts of things. But I’m not missing the important stuff.

Need a day brightener? My daughter emailed me the link to this very funny cat video:

Inefficient Drinker

I laughed so hard I had to wipe away tears. Enjoy!


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