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OK, who put “snow” on their wish list?

It snowed just enough last night (reportedly 0.4 inches) to make it official: the first time there has been measurable snowfall on Christmas Day in this area since 1947. My daughter (living in New Orleans) wanted proof, so here is the picture I took and texted to her last night when it first started:

It was DARK. What did you expect?

This is what we woke up to this morning:

I'm estimating six inches total, once it stopped.

Under all that snow is the flowering peach tree.

Maple tree from second story window.

You can see it’s the kind of heavy snow that adds definition and depth to the stark bare bones of winter trees. And breaks their branches. Luckily, we didn’t have any sleet or ice with this storm. Even so, I heard the distinct sound of a couple distant transformers blowing early this morning.

Dogwood trees blooming with snow.

Back yard is enclosed in a wall of white.

Can't wait to see the moonlight through snowy pines.

Power here has flickered off and back on again several times this afternoon but, so far, I still have power and an internet connection. And a backup snuggling cat heat source.

Hope this bush survives. Has beautiful dark pink flowers in spring.

I also have plenty of food, as I stocked up a few days ago — not in anticipation of the storm, but because my daughter and her boyfriend are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, traveling by car, for a week-long visit.

Poor birds are going to need a wee shovel

Am I worried they won’t make it? Nah. If the plows can’t carve a path for them, probably they’ll just hike. Knowing them, they’ll hike even if there IS a clear path.

My daughter hiking Aconcagua a couple years ago. Yes, in the Andes Mountains.


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