Don’t you just hate it when you’re out somewhere, like at a party or a writers conference, and you meet someone who asks you to tell a little about yourself? Answering that question always feels like a cross between a job interview and an obituary — you hope you can come up with something appropriately impressive that isn’t a flat out lie, or at least that you don’t have spinach in your teeth.

I’m never quite convinced people want to know the answer, but since so many do seem intent on asking, here are the basics:

I’m a writer. And a voracious reader. And that’s it.

Well, it’s usually enough. But you wanted more than that? Fine then.

I grew up in a nice little suburb just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota with a mom and a dad and three sisters. And a boxer dog named Sam. My sisters and I shared all our toys and never hit each other and every once in a while even ventured out, fully bundled, onto the frozen tundra. Really, there is nothing in my very ordinary childhood that would explain this penchant for making stuff up and then writing about it, fully expecting people to be fascinated by the result.

So anyway, I grew up, got married and moved to Atlanta, got a black lab and gave birth to two gorgeous children (one of each), moved to south Florida, got a cat and wrote op-ed columns for the local newspaper, moved to North Carolina, got a divorce and started writing blog posts and novel length fiction in earnest. I’m not sure you need to know about the hamster, iguana and assorted fish. May they rest in peace.

I currently live in North Carolina with The Wonder Dog and the cat, who keep me busy with their demands when I’m not writing or working at the day job. My son and daughter occasionally forget they were raised to be self-sufficient young adults and come home on a fairly regular basis so I can feed them. For which I am immensely grateful. I occasionally forget that I was also raised to be a self-sufficient adult and go visit my mom back home in Minnesota. So she can feed me.

I write novels, which I hope will be published someday soon. I also write an occasional blog post, which you can find over on the Home page.

I hope you love reading my words as much as I love writing them.