Ending the year on a high note

I have a piece of Very Good News that I haven’t yet shared over here, mostly because it happened at a time when the angst and tension here in the U.S. were running high — yes, the week of our election in November. It seemed odd and somehow inauspicious to announce the birth of my third grandchild, third granddaughter no less, into that environment.

But babies don’t care about any of that. They insist on being born when they’re ready (in this case, two weeks early), regardless of what’s happening in the outside-the-womb world. So this news is late but no less enthusiastic for it.

Please welcome baby Margaret to the world! Weighing in at 7 lbs 1 oz and measuring 21″ long, she’s petite and beautiful and so very huggable.

Baby is doing very well, as are my son and daughter-in-law who are delighted and thrilled to be first-time parents.

There have been countless pictures since then, of course, but these are the two I have permission to share.

Yes, I know, I just announced a new granddaughter in July. I am truly blessed. Please note that, recent blog posts to the contrary, this is not going to become a baby blog. Mainly because I think the kids are done having babies for the next little while.

I have no predictions about what the New Year will bring but I promise you, Margaret and Emily and Anna, my beautiful precious granddaughters, a whole lot of us are trying very hard to make this world a better place for you all to live in.



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5 responses to “Ending the year on a high note

  1. Cecilia Alcaraz

    K.D. Congratulations! Grandbaby #3!!!

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  2. Maureen

    ❤ How sweet and beautiful

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  3. nightsmusic

    Happy Grandchild!!

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  4. cbbanddg

    How very fortunate these 3 precious girls are to have you— you will be magnificent as a grandmother!!!

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  5. Thank you, everyone, for the congrats and well wishes! These new grandbabies (and the existing one!) have been bright shining lights in this year of darkness. I’m so grateful for the internet in this time of physical distancing, although I have been able to hold both babies. I’m impatient for my turn with the vaccine!