It’s another girl!

Welcome to the world, baby Emily!

My new granddaughter was born just before midnight yesterday, weighing 8 lb 7 oz.

Mom and baby (and dad) are all doing well. Emily reportedly has blue eyes and “quite a lot” of brown hair, but I don’t have a pic of that yet.

I’ve been told that her two-year-old big sister is excited to meet her. So am I.

My eyes have been leaking happiness at random moments all day.



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8 responses to “It’s another girl!

  1. McB ☕️ ☕️

    Welcome, Emily!

    KD – She is perfection.

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  2. Thanks, McB! I can’t wait to hold her and kiss those chubby little baby cheeks.


  3. CC

    “Leaking happiness” what a lovely way to put it

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  4. That’s just how it feels, too much to contain. Thanks, CC!


  5. Merry

    Thank you for sharing this joy with all of us! I hope your DD doesn’t still suspect us of trying to harvest your kidneys. I’m very happy for you all. Your kidneys are safe.

    (Okay, don’t ask me* about other people’s organs. No promises there.)

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  6. LOL! I don’t think my kids were ever worried about anyone wanting my organs (that was TinW). They just figured I must have invented all of you, because why would anyone ever want to talk to *their mother.*

    And thanks, Merry. We’re all very happy about the new baby too. ❤️


  7. nightsmusic

    Love the name, Emily. Congrats to you and yours and I’m so glad everything went well and all are happy and healthy!

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  8. Thanks, NM! With all the strife in the world right now, it feels incredibly fortunate to be experiencing this joy.