Merry Christmas!

All my attention is focused on family just now, so I decided to be a minimalist with words and share a couple of my favourite pics taken at this time of year:


Wherever you are, however you celebrate (or don’t), I hope this day is exactly what you want it to be.



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3 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas! I celebrated Christmas with friends, today. It was good. I talked too much and ate too much, but I think, I hope, everyone understood. I am feeling like today marked a time of thinking beyond pain, and I am grateful.


  2. Reine, I don’t think it’s possible to talk too much when you’re gathered with friends. Besides, I know you listened as well. I’m happy that the day felt like a time beyond pain. Such a huge loss you’ve endured. Wishing all the best for you in the coming year!


  3. Reine

    Love you, KD. I’m happy now. Not afraid anymore. It was a rough go, but now I found my friends a great saving influence and am very grateful.

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