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Long time readers over here will remember the time, when I’d only been blogging for a few months, my daughter and her BFF sat down to warn me about the dangers of talking to people on the internet– specifically referring to what my kids called my “Imaginary Internet Friends.” It was pretty funny, go read it if you haven’t.

I mention this as context for a message I got from her yesterday:

I laughed so hard.

In other news, July is gone and we’re well into August and, yes, I’m still on hiatus from social media. Mostly.

It took me a good week to get over feeling “deprived” of input, but the days since then have been calmer and more peaceful. I’ve been spending less time online, in general. The only thing I keep open and respond to in real time is messenger, and only because that’s mostly how my kids communicate with me. I don’t ignore them. Ever.

The strategy has been effective, although I can’t say I’ve been absolute about it. It’s not quite the extreme of “head in the sand.” It’s more like sitting on the sand and contemplating the ocean while chaos reigns inland, occasionally glancing at it over my shoulder.

I do sometimes check in to see what friends are posting on FB, since very few of them post angsty political things. Every once in a while I’ll briefly skim to see what the outrage du jour is over on twitter. But I set a timer and am strict with myself about shutting it down once time is up.

It’s been refreshing, this feeling of detachment and the lack of noise.

What have I been doing? A lot of reading. A wee bit of writing. Catching up on small non-urgent stuff around the house that I’d been neglecting, as well as a couple big things. Being more mindful about getting in my steps every day. Listening to the thunder and rain during what has been an unusually wet summer. Enjoying my granddaughter.

She’s so expressive for her age.

In fact, she expressed all over her diaper just before this was taken, explaining the satisfied smile.

[My daughter said I could post ONE pic, so if you’re seeing more than that it’s clearly a trick of the light. Or your eyes are crossed. Or something.]

And really, I’ve been doing a lot of sittin’ and thinkin’ — which is death when characters in a novel do it, but is apparently quite necessary for the writer. This writer, anyway.

The upshot is, I’m starting to feel little sparks of creativity amidst moments of nascent optimism. So I’ve decided to continue along these lines for a while longer.



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10 responses to “Hiatus Update-us

  1. cbpen

    Love those tricks of the light. 😉


  2. What a beautiful baby!


  3. I’m seeing triple, but I’ve been drinking.

    Do you feel like a trendsetter, having imaginary friends before your kids did?

    Your DGD is ADORABLE!


  4. Jennifer Brittle

    She is beautiful!! Love hearing the sparks are showing some lovely lights!


  5. I have to agree with the majority: she really is beautiful. I’ll put that down to heredity 😉


  6. Thanks, all. I think she’s beautiful too, but I realize I’m not even slightly objective about it.

    They all came for a nice long visit today, as they had errands to run in my area, and she was very talkative. Had all sorts of things to discuss with me. Her parents said it’s the most talkative they’ve seen her. Such a treat. Of course, then she got tired and crabby and cried her little heart out, poor thing, until she fell asleep.

    She spit up on me and now my shirt smells like baby and I don’t even want to change. But I do think I might need a nap.


  7. BTW, you are going to feel Pretty Darn Silly if I turn out to be an especially patient axe murder after all. I mean, I do have an axe. It appeared in my front yard one day. Right after an imaginary internet personage had come to visit. Coincidence? Hmmmn…

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  8. An axe murderer? Highly unlikely, Evelyn. But if you are, I think I know you well enough after all these years to be extremely confident that, well, the axe had it coming. You might even say it was axing for it. And if it had handled things better, it wouldn’t have had to steel itself for its inevitable demise.

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  9. Evelyn M. Hill

    I’m trying to think up a cutting response, but it’s Monday. My wits are not sharp enough.

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  10. I understand. It takes years (and lots of nonsense) to hone this brand of trenchant humour.

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