Proof of Life

“I’m not dead yet!” -from Monty Python, of course

But I do seem to have taken a bit of an unplanned blog hiatus. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy, even though there isn’t all that much of interest to report. Let’s see, since February [:wince:] [has it really been that long?], what have I been up to . . .

Well, there was the whole terrorist-raccoon-in-the-attic problem, which I thought had been solved well over a year ago. Until I discovered water dripping from the downstairs bathroom ceiling during a rainstorm and called a roofer, who gave me the unhappy news that if a raccoon is given even a tiny opening in an old worn shingle, they will wreak havoc:


So, that ended up being an emergency roof repair that led to the over-due decision to replace the entire freaking roof. What fun. Not at all noisy or disruptive. Or expensive. At least I didn’t have to do cleanup of this mess.

What else . . . oh, my daughter’s baby shower luncheon was fun. I even went and got a haircut beforehand, speaking of over-due decisions.

My life is so exciting.

And then there was the usual last minute scramble to get tax info to my CPA, made even more frantic by the discovery that my accounting program decided to stop working unless I paid several hundred dollars for the upgrade. Which led to much profanity and re-creating the entire year by hand, because fuck you Intuit.

Good times.

My daughter had been helping me clean out various cupboards and closets, until she got too far along in her pregnancy. Here she is holding The White Ninja during one visit. Just before I took the second pic, TWN was resting her head on my daughter’s stomach as if she was listening to the baby and giving it a hug.


What else . . . oh, this was pretty funny. In all my years of buying toilet paper, I’ve never encountered a roll quite like this one:

Are you bored yet? Starting to see why I haven’t been writing blog posts? None of this stuff is exactly fascinating.

I have been writing fiction, though. Slowly, as usual, but I’m making progress. I’ve been reading quite a bit as well, in an attempt to avoid world news. Probably I should do a post about books I’d recommend, except I’ve gotten ridiculously picky and easily irritated when authors [no, not you; other authors] do stupid stuff that ruins an otherwise great story. Yeah, there’s no way I’m going to discuss that in public.

And, of course, there are all the other Usual Life Stressors that aren’t even slightly entertaining. Nothing that I’d put in a blog post, anyway.

But exciting news is imminent! Well, exciting to me and mine.

At the moment, I’m sitting here listening to the rain and biding time, waiting for my first grandchild to be born. Which should be any day now. All this week, I’ve been fielding text messages from my daughter of the “I’m so bored” and “I wish this baby would hurry up” variety. Because she is now officially on maternity leave, her husband is on paternity leave, and we’re all just waiting. Some of us more patiently than others.

I’ll keep you posted. Really, I will. Any. Day. Now.



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10 responses to “Proof of Life

  1. we’re all just waiting. Some of us more patiently than others.

    Some acts of creation take longer than others. I think writers should be given Finishing-The-Book leave.


  2. Are you giving me leave to finish? As in “by your leave?” That’s a slightly different definition, isn’t it. When you consider how long it takes me to create a book vs baby gestation . . . I’m really slacking by comparison.

    Pssst. She’s in labor, in the hospital, at the moment. But don’t tell anyone. What do you mean this space is public? Is this one of those if-a-tree-falls-in-the-comments-but-no-one-reads-your-blog type of situations? ☺️


  3. Won’t say a word. Even to the cat.

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  4. cbpen

    The world is so wound up in Harry and Meghan, and Justify, no one will notice that you slipped that in there. Hope it doesn’t take a long time. For you daughter’s sake, of course. 😉

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  5. cbpen

    Your daughter. Your. Ack!!

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  6. Typo? What typo? I’m too busy looking at princes and princesses and . . . what was the other thing? Oh yeah, horses. 😎

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  7. Bdy?

    Not asking if the book is done yet, for once.

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  8. Ah, I see what you did there. Well move over, we’ll help you wait. Is that dip?

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  9. Not a dip, tyvm

    Who are you calling a dip?

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  10. Not sure I have any dip, but I did make monster cookies earlier. Keep your mitts off them, they’re for the new parents.

    No news yet. Things are progressing as first births usually do . . . slowly.

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