And now for something . . .

. . . completely different? Well, slightly different.

How did it get to be the end of March, already? Yes, of course, in the usual way, days passing one after the other without pause. Perhaps the better question is why haven’t I accomplished as much as I had planned to by now. I am making progress, but it’s been slow.

Speaking of time passing (and in an effort to post something less “controversial”), on my latest birthday (in December) my Bossy Older Sister sent me flowers. Red orchids, to be exact:

I’d never seen red orchids before. Aren’t they gorgeous and exotic? The enclosed note said something about the flowers helping me celebrate all year long. Which confused me, because these were cut flowers and I didn’t see how I was going to keep them alive for an entire year. I asked her about it and she said, “No, silly. You’ll get new flowers every month, for a year.”

WOW. What a wonderful gift. I love flowers, absolutely love them, but never buy them for myself. It just seems . . . overly self-indulgent.

So the red orchids lasted almost three weeks, but then they were gone and I’d pretty much forgotten about the “every month” thing when one day in January, these showed up:

MORE ORCHIDS. I thought the red orchids were just a lucky selection for one month, but no, turns out it will be an entire year of ORCHIDS.

These were delivered in February (sorry, by the time I realized it was a horrible blurry pic, it was too late):

And just last week, these arrived:

You can’t tell from that pic, but the centers of these look like Johnny Jump-ups, so it’s like getting two flowers in one. Wait, here’s a close-up:

So this has been delightful, getting fresh flowers every month. Luckily, The White Ninja is indifferent to the additional coffee table décor and hasn’t eaten any of them. Yet.

What other innocuous things have been going on . . .

Oh, my daughter and her husband took a two-week vacation in Europe. I freaked out just a wee bit after their plane took off and I realized they were going to be 30-some-thousand feet over the vast, deep, unsearchable expanse of the Atlantic for several hours. Which was unsettling because I hadn’t anticipated being bothered by that. But I was, on both their departure and return.

They’re back now [whew] and my daughter has been sending pictures, most of them the usual touristy sort of thing: here I am next to some ancient stone structure, here we are drinking beer, here’s a lovely landscape. Great shots, but you know the kind of thing I mean.

But this one is different and it really caught my attention. And my imagination:

She titled it: Rainy Cityscape

I love that it’s not the usual tourist picture. I love the shine of wet cobblestones at night, the juxtaposition of the modern bicycles and the centuries old Bächle. But mostly I love the mysterious, almost spooky, atmosphere it invokes.

Makes me want to tell a story.

Yeah, maybe I’d better finish the ones I’m already working on first. Before another month comes and goes.



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6 responses to “And now for something . . .

  1. btuda

    Stunning flowers – what a great gift idea! And I am totally in love with that photo too!


  2. Hi, Btuda, I’ve missed hearing your voice over here!

    It has been a very fun gift to receive. I’m just glad orchids aren’t the type of flower to make me sneeze, so I don’t have to put them in the guest room and close the door.


  3. That is fabulous. I am impressed with your sister’s gift-giving skills.
    (And Nero Wolfe — and Archie — would approve.)


  4. Yeah, she might be bossy as hell, but she does an admirable job with the gifts.
    (Still have yet to read Nero/Archie, alas!)


  5. Richard Maguire

    What a soothing post amidst all the craziness going on right now in the world. The orchids are beautiful. And that photo is eye-catching. At first I thought it was the monochrome that created the atmosphere. Like a shot from an old noir movie. But now I’m confused. At second glance the buildings in the background at left have a slightly greenish tint. Or is that just my faulty eyesight?

    It’s nice to see somewhere close to home turning up in one of your posts. I’m assuming that picture was taken in Freiburg, which is a four-hour drive almost due west from this village in the neighboring state.

    I, too, have never read the Rex Stout books. I’m not sure why, but I have the feeling they’d bore me. Anyhow, enjoy the spring and the cherry blossoms.


  6. Thanks, Richard. Yes, it’s Freiburg. They also spent time in Heidelberg and enjoyed both places very much. Not sure about the green tint. Looks gray to me. But she said she “messed with it” quite a bit to get the look she wanted, so who knows. My knowledge of photography is of the point-and-click and hope it’s in focus variety. 😐