A to Z Challenge: P

PThis is not part of the continuing story from A to Z  [link to the beginning].

I’m writing this to keep up with the Challenge of posting regularly, because I’m tenacious as hell once I commit to something, but feel free to skip it if you’re only here for the fiction.

Today was one of those days where real life demanded a disproportionate amount of my time and attention and focus. Not necessarily anything good or bad (actually, it was a little bit of both but mostly a whole lot in between), just the kind of stuff that sometimes throws you off your game. It happens.

I realize it sounds ridiculous to say this, given that I’m making up a story and posting it in real time — I mean, c’mon, who am I to pretend I’m meeting some high literary standard here — but I refuse to post something that feels to me like it’s half-assed. And sitting here tonight with my thoughts all scattered, that’s how the writing feels. Not going to inflict that on the world.


However, there are still *looks at clock* roughly 23 hours left in the day, in my time zone. It is Potentially Possible that I’ll Put up a Post for the letter P that is Part of the story before this day fades into the Past. Perhaps.

Or maybe we’ll just carry on tomorrow with the letter Q. Oh dear god, I have to come up with a story-appropriate word for the letter Q. *headdesk*

P is for Pause



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6 responses to “A to Z Challenge: P

  1. “It is Potentially Possible that I’ll Put up a Post for the letter P that is Part of the story before this day fades into the Past.” – oh. yes please please please please please please please!!!
    (If you can, of course. Not trying to pressure you…) (Who am I kidding – yes I am!)


  2. No promises, but I’ll see how things look after I get some sleep. That would mean writing/editing two in one day. Hmmm. Maybe if they’re short-ish.


  3. I’m having one of those days!


  4. Pen

    Queen, quill, quaff, quixotic, queue, query, quiz, quarrel, qwerty, Qatar….
    I’m sure any and ALL of these will fit in your QUIRKY story. 😱😉


  5. Angie, I’m sorry to hear that. Hope today is better for you (and me)!

    Pen, those are great Q words. Not sure why my mind was drawing a blank yesterday . . . I’m blaming the planets. They never deny culpability.


  6. Wish I’d have thought of P for Pause on the 19th. I’m sure I coulda used it!


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