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Have you ever been frisked?

I’ve never been frisked, have you? I was sort of looking forward to it, so I wrote a guest post for Joe Konrath’s blog, because he’s known for his no-holds-barred frisking skills. Only to realize that what he does over there is “fisk” people.


Frisk, fisk, what a difference an “R” can make.  You’d think I would have learned this lesson the last time I tried to “rice” my knee.

Okay, yes, I’m being deliberately obtuse. But I really did write a guest post and it really is over there today. And I’m not even a little bit disheveled, as one might be after a thorough frisking.

[Dear TSA, you know I’m kidding about wanting to be frisked, right? Right?]

So, some of you might want to go over there and read my post. Maybe you’ll even want to comment on it. Because the only thing worse than not getting frisked is having to listen to crickets, thousands and thousands of them, all day long.

Come on over and chat with me. Staying on topic is entirely optional. As always. Feel free to bring along the consonant of your choice. Just have a care if you decide to switch out that “K” for a “T”.



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