Tell me something good. Please.

Monday, July 1. The first day of a new work week. The first day of a new month. The beginning of the first full month of summer. The first day of the second half of the calendar year.

I don’t know why, but all these “firsts” seemed somehow auspicious to me. And, inexplicably, I woke up today sort of expecting — well, okay, hoping is more accurate — that Things Would Be Better, if only in some small way. Not ALL the things, certainly, but at least some of them.

And then I connected to the internet. And it no longer felt like the first bright shining new day of anything. Just more of the same.


Honestly, the day’s sampling of events should not have come as a surprise, or even caused disappointment. Because I know better. Really. I’m probably the last person anyone would accuse of being Miss Susie Sunshine or any kind of Pollyanna. Where was my world-weary cynicism when I needed it? Where was my well-honed, hard-eyed realism? Today, those qualities all seemed to take a huge step back, allowing my normally well-protected idealistic softer side to take one hell of a beating.

I’m not going to enumerate and expound upon all the Truly Awful Things going on in the world. First, sadly, because there are too damn many to list. And second, because someone reading this might have missed hearing about one or two of those things and I’m content to leave that person in a less-dark place. Also, I’ve already had more than I can take. And not just today.

I could use some good news for a change. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (please, please, choose to accept it), is to bring something positive or optimistic over here and leave it in the comments. I can’t be the only one who needs an oasis in this desert of soul-smothering darkness.

It can be news from the big wide world out there or something that affects only you. Something political or economic or environmental or— oh, who am I kidding (though if you can find something good on those topics, you get a gold star). It can be kittens. Puppies. Rainbows and unicorns. A joke or a pun or a fond memory. Something deeply moving or something that will make us laugh. Just… something good.


And I don’t mean those passive/aggressive Eeyore-playing-a-sad-trombone type of comments that are prefaced by five bad things and then leave us with one pitifully withered good thing that is only marginally good by comparison. Like, “My gerbil had babies and four of them suffered horribly and died, but at least one is still holding onto life. For now.”

No. No. No.

I will delete any inflicted moroseness with neither apology nor regret. I want to hear unqualified and untainted good things. Pure joy and unabashed happiness. Links to stories elsewhere are welcome. C’mon, I know you can do it.

I’ll go first: It’s blueberry season! I love blueberries. Also, the grapes I bought a week ago are still looking all fresh and edible.

What? I’m hungry.

Okay, here’s a non-food thing: The summer here is off to a cooler than usual start, with only four days in the month of June reaching temps higher than 90 degrees (and all of them were under 95).

Your turn. I’m bracing myself. Bring on the good.


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17 responses to “Tell me something good. Please.

  1. Btuda

    1. Donuts. Or, doughnuts if you prefer. They make my world a happy place.

    2. The Minions from Despicable Me.

    3. The amazon reviews for about anything.

    Does this help?


  2. Oooh, I’ve got something good! Today. Today was officially the first day of my new job! Of course….nope, I’ll stop there. While I’m not yet in College Town, as of today I am officially a Visiting Assistant Professor!!! Wheeeee!

    I also treated myself to a facial today in honor of my upcoming birthday. It was awesome!!

    My sunflowers! My whole garden, really, but this evening in particular my sunflowers were making me very happy. I sat down on the front steps for a good 15-20 minutes, with a breeze blowing, taking in the happy sight of my sunflowers just a few feet away. Happy. Happy, happy, happy. 🙂


  3. I will also share this, which is actually on topic for this AND the previous post:


  4. diane65

    It’s cooler, which made for good jumping rope weather with the little kids yesterday – and they are learning to take turns!

    Also, I have made brownies with enough protein and fiber that they can be, if not the MAIN dish at dinner, a respectable side-dish. With ice cream. Because that has protein, too!


  5. Whenever I encounter an overload of bad news on the interwebs, my first thing to do is read a good book. But if that doesn’t cheer me up, I turn to this website:

    Please don’t be drinking ANYTHING and make sure you’ve peed recently before you view. I can usually only look at a couple of pages before I’m lying helpless on the floor, my stomach sore from laughing. Or I’ve run to the bathroom to, you know, clean up.


  6. My step-daughter just graduated from a 2-year program at FIDM. My Step-son just graduated from high school and is already signed up for community college. Plus my three dog-lets are napping peacefully beside me. Life is good.


  7. Oh, so many good things. You all are awesome!

    Yes, Btuda, that does help. Now I have a mental picture of Minions serving you doughnuts. And since I haven’t (yet) had any nasty reviews at Amazon, I’ll agree that they can be very funny indeed.

    Theresa, congratulations! I remember when that goal was just a wish and a prayer. So happy for you! I guess now we have to decide whether to call you Prof. Dr. T or Dr. Prof. T. And sunflowers and gentle breezes. Nice. (never had a facial so I’m taking your word about that being a good thing)

    And I love the cat video! Though if I tried that with MY curmudgeon of a cat, I’d end up sliced to bloody ribbons…


  8. Diane, I’ve decided you’re just a kid at heart— you just disguise it well with all your talk of exercise and nutrition. Jumping rope and eating brownies and ice cream for dinner. Sounds wonderful.

    Melinda, that site is hysterical! I haven’t checked it for a while so thanks for the reminder. And yeah, good books usually work for me too. I’ve been trying to write more than read lately, and that’s not always exactly, um, uplifting.

    Corri, congratulations on the kids’ educational milestones! It’s such a great feeling to see them graduate from something. And sleeping pups are always a good thing. So sweet.


  9. McB

    Good things? KDJ wrote a new blog post! and the crowd goes wild!

    Lets see, my mother’s sister is 3 months sober. I have a short work week and 4 days off coming up. The rain waited until I got home tonight. I have peanut butter ice cream in the freezer!


  10. Wait. That’s all it takes to make you happy? A new blog post? Hmmm. Must ponder this unlikely new thing.

    Congrats to your aunt, McB! May every day add up to many more months. And I hope your extended weekend doesn’t result in overtime trauma next week (as it usually did for me, at the old job). I don’t think I’ve ever had PB ice cream. But now I’m craving oreo ice cream. Dammit.


  11. McB

    Well, next week I get a new boss, plus there’s new whiz bang equipment on our floor that I’m sure everyone will hate. Then my sister hits town. But on the up side, she’ll be here with my youngest nephew for a lacrosse tournament, so that’s a happy thing.


  12. McB, you’ve trained many bosses and conquered all the office equipment over the years. I have great faith that the outcome of the new challenges will be no different.


  13. Richard Maguire

    I hear you, KD,
    I too love blueberries and cats. I love horses and dogs. And the last few weeks here in the Alps have been sunny, with temperatures climbing above 90F. Today, the mountains are misty, but eventually the sun will break through, and Saturday I’ll go trail running through a silent forest, close to a river. I won’t care about the flies attracted by whatever sweet ingredient is in the sun block I use. It’s a small price to pay for being able to get out there and just run. And I won’t worry about the heat ’cause I’ll bring enough water to stave off dehydration. Anyway, I can always jump in the river.

    And Saturday night, I’ll eat blueberry pie.
    And I won’t watch CNN International or read newspapers online. It’s summer, and I want a break from the non-stop ugliness that’s out there. If I were a billionaire I’d start a TV channel to broadcast only good-news stories. But I’m sure it would flop. Because as much as I, like yourself, feel saturated by the endless cycle of violence and disasters, I think we’re all drawn, sooner or later, to the dark side. Isn’t it the very reason why crime fiction is so popular?

    Oh – and Andy Murray has just won Wimbledon!


  14. That, my dear KDJames is why I started my One Good Thing blog posts because no matter what is going on in the day, at least one good thing happens. The more I pay attention to them, the more good things I notice. More often they are simple things, like fresh raspberries off the bush by the back gate. Or the dog’s wet nose in my face when I’m on the ground doing yoga poses to stretch out my back. And always – a good book. Reading just opens the world wide, but not “literature” as Oprah instructs because my world isn’t full of that kind of reality, thank Bob. I like fun romance and good humour. I’d watch Richard’s only good news channel. I call it youtube. Type in funny and laugh.


  15. Richard, you make me want to visit your misty mountain and quiet forest, though I’ll leave the running to you and maybe just amble slowly instead. I keep telling myself I’m going to make a blueberry pie, but I’ve been eating all the berries before they make it into pie form. On yogurt, mostly. Or just plain, by the handful.

    Keziah, I think I’d watch Richard’s good news channel too. And I do read your One Good Thing blog. It helps a bit to remind me to look for all the little things we tend to take for granted on a daily basis. There’s just so much darkness and anger in the world right now, it has been a struggle to maintain a balanced perspective. Reading these comments has helped.


  16. Just a trace

    So I’m 21 days late. Sorry; I’ve been enjoying myself. Sweet corn- just hours off the stalk. Fresh tomatoes.
    Snuggles from grandchildren early in the morning and at bedtime. They are just joy on little legs.


  17. It’s never too late for good news, Trace, thanks for chiming in! Fresh fruit and veggies are some of my favourite things about summer, too. And your grandkids are among the most adorable I’ve ever seen. Joy, indeed.