Just chillin’

Blog? What blog?


Sorry for the neglectful silence over here, but I’ve been intently focused on writing fiction lately and blog posts haven’t been high on my list of priorities. Plus my (recently engaged!) daughter is here for an extended visit. Plus it’s hot.

Extremely, unusually hot.

After tying our all-time record high of 105 degrees the past two days, today was a comparatively balmy 102. But I’m not complaining (much), seeing as I do have electricity and air conditioning. I have friends in three states who have neither of those things, thanks to the recent storms. And another friend in my state who reports her upstairs A/C bit the dust yesterday. And two other friends who live in a state that’s literally on fire. So I feel very fortunate.

But still. It’s hot here.

So I figure this calls for a virtual road trip down memory lane to cooler times and places. Grab a sweater and some gloves.

Here is my daughter, resting after climbing near el Chalten, Patagonia. Can you feel the cold from that rock seeping into your bones?

But before that, she and her boyfriend (now fiancé) climbed halfway up Aconcagua. That high up, it hurts to take each frigid breath.

And here she is paddling across an icy mountain lake in western Canada. Within minutes, your ears are aching from being exposed to the wind-whipped cold.

More icy cold goodness in Canada (also, Happy Canada Day!). Can you imagine scooping up handfuls of water to drink and feeling the aching cold in your teeth and down your throat?

And closer to home, a less challenging type of cold, my deck after a record snowfall (yes, sometimes we have snow in the South). Remember that delicious shiver of a handful of snow down your back?

There. Everyone feel better now?


I’ll check back in once I’ve finished the current project. It’s going to require some explaining. SO close.

EDIT: Apparently not everyone was happy. So here is a picture for poor pallid Merry — who has provided many lovely pictures on her blog, usually [ahem] on Fridays [hint], so it’s only fair to return the favour — with sunshine and blue skies and white clouds. And flowers. But it’s still COLD. Because, you know, it’s Canada.

NOW are we all happy?


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6 responses to “Just chillin’

  1. Merry, who just made it through the month called juneuary

    But… But… Where are all the pictures of bright sunshine and blue skies with fluffy WHITE clouds? Have you no compassion for the poor pallid people of the PNW? Some of us have forgotten that clouds come in any color besides rain-land gray.


  2. Brrrr….now I’m chilled. OK, not really, but it’s always fun to look back at the snow pictures. I remember complaining about the snow at the time and now it seems like a nice thing to have lol. Good luck finishing your project!


  3. Thanks, Melinda, I’m writing as fast as I can. And yeah, I’ve noticed that too, about longing for the season that happens to be farthest away. Except I never long for summer in the South.

    Speaking of which, Ms. Merry, I have added a pic for you. Hope it’s bright and cheerful enough to counter the poor pallid conditions in the PNW.


  4. Yes. Much better. I feel immensely cheered. Well, somewhat cheered. It’s raining right now. I know I should be grateful we don’t have any weird type of storm that sounds like it was named after a brand of tortilla chips, but I still wish it would stop raining.


  5. Derechos: nachos for derelicts. Or zombie nachos topped with derelicts.

    This is why I will never have a career writing ad copy.


  6. McB

    I could have used these pictures this weekend. Pity I couldn’t get to them. The derechos sapped all my power.