I saw this quote the other day and it resonates with me as a thing that holds truth:

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” -John Barrymore

And on a related note, I’m shamelessly stealing this XKCD comic from my good friend Merry’s blog, who in turn shamelessly stole shared it in accordance with XKCD’s generous policy of posting work under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

Because it says perfectly what I’ve been feeling lately.

What are you doing with your dreams? Are you actively pursuing them or have you allowed yourself to become old and filled with regrets?


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7 responses to “Dreams

  1. Merry

    I like to think that I synergistically leveraged the cartoon in an opportunistic effort to impact my core competencies 110%.
    I do love the way the cartoonist includes links at the bottom of each cartoon, so you can easily paste it into your blog.

    And I’m gonna steal that quote 🙂


  2. I have a feeling that if my core competencies were ever impacted by synergistically leveraged humour, I might not survive. Also, I need to find a dictionary.

    Steal away, into the night. Those in particular are not mine to give or hold back. But even if they were, words have a way of going where they’re needed, without regard to claims of ownership. Attribution (not to be confused with attrition) is the best any writer can hope for.


  3. I love this, and I’ve totally shared it and passed it on. It reminds me of a place I used to work. The people there, so scared of their own shadows. So miserable, and yet refusing to look for anything better.

    Glad I don’t work there any more! 😀 That was my dream, and I’m living it!


  4. Thanks, Melinda! Fear of the unknown makes change so difficult and scary. Good for you for getting out of a bad situation.


  5. cbpen

    Sorta, Kinda, doing the dream about half way right now. 🙂
    Speaking of quotes: What you said about words in answer to Merry was very quote-worthy. 🙂


  6. Why, thank you, Pen. I don’t think anyone has ever quoted me before, so that’s a new concept. And hey, putting in the effort to make a dream come partially true is nothing to sneeze at. I’m a long way from realizing the entire thing too. But it’s much better than not trying at all.


  7. Do or Do Not. There is no try – one of my favourite quotes but the truth is trying is essential. It’s how we DO. Or so I humbly think
    XKCD rarely fails to make me* think. Thanks for sharing because we all need the reminder.