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RIP Quincy: 2000-2012

I had grown used to thinking of him as indestructible, in spite of himself. I called him Quincy the Wonder Dog, not because he was wonderful (although he was), but because it was a constant source of wonder that he managed for almost 12 years to survive his own misadventures. Today, his strength and exuberance and penchant for getting into trouble all came to an end due to untreatable cancer.

I’ve written many words about Quincy on this blog and those of you who follow along are familiar with the stories. My heart is too heavy tonight, my vision too blurred by tears, to tell more. My daughter said it best earlier on her FaceBook status:

“RIP Quincy, you were the best and silliest dog, I love you and miss you so much.”

Yes, so do I.


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