Yes, I know. I’ve been neglecting my blog again. Well, it’s that time of year in the financial world when all our attention is focused on trying to meet year-end deadlines. And on not committing felonies in the workplace.

Since that’s not enough of a strain, I am also trying very hard to re-focus on writing fiction. Now that the holiday season is over. Especially since this most recent holiday season seems to have started way back around Labor Day and lasted well past New Year’s Day. Ahem.

So I’m kind of busy here and feeling horribly deprived of that precious nebulous thing called “spare time in which to write blog posts.”

Luckily for you, sometimes I take a break — a very short break, hardly a blip on the timeline, really — and wander aimlessly around the interwebs while my brain tries to recharge itself and sometimes I find interesting things to share. This is one such thing. A swoon-worthy thing, actually. A video of a guy named Mark Grist, a spoken word poet, reciting a poem about how what he wants is . . . a girl who reads.

As if being smart and funny are somehow not seductive enough, he also has a totally charming Brit accent. It’s like a trifecta of awesome.

I wonder how he feels about a girl who writes?


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5 responses to “Intermission

  1. OMG I read the back of the cereal box! 😀 This was awesome, thanks for sharing that! I’m smiling now, and would love to give that guy a hug! lol


  2. A hug? Oh, right, yes of course, a hug. You demonstrate admirable restraint, Melinda. 😎


  3. Merry the stuffed

    *sniff* I have been feeling a bit neglected. Don’t you realize I need something Good to read on my loooooonnnnngg train ride home? I’m sure your boss will understand. Gimme his number, she said a trifle grimly .


  4. Merry

    Did your blog just suggest I should get stuffed? Humph!


  5. My blog engages in wishful thinking and euphemisms ALL THE TIME. Well, it is my blog, after all.

    It’s okay, Merry, I’ll bundle up the latest directives from the NC DOR and mail them to you when I get a free minute at work tomorrow. They’re very entertaining. I might even include a few from the SC DOR. Positively riveting. They’ll make your commute fly by like you’re riding the Trans-Siberian Express.