I did it!

In case you somehow missed hearing the news elsewhere — in which case, I’m not being nearly obnoxious enough — my ebook is now available on Amazon. Go buy it! In fact, buy several copies and give them as gifts! And write a review!! And tell all your friends!!!

Sorry. Got a bit carried away.

It really is exciting, seeing my book over there looking all official. I sort of feel like Pinocchio, becoming a “real boy” after years of wistful dreaming. And telling lies making stuff up.

Here’s the link at Amazon:

How Did This Happen? Lunch with Imaginary Friends and other (mostly) True Stories

I hope it will also be available over at Barnes & Noble . . . someday. Maybe even one day soon. I’m currently in limbo there, waiting for approval. I can’t decide whether this means they have higher standards than Amazon or simply a more convoluted process. Or maybe they’ve already closed up shop for the holiday break and my book won’t get processed until after the New Year.

For those of you curious about the process, Amazon had it online in about two hours. Not that I’m impatient or anything.

UPDATE: My book is now also available for Nook at B&N: go HERE to buy it!


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11 responses to “I did it!

  1. Yay! congrats!! It looks awesome, out there all official. Can’t wait to read it, it’s on my Kindle now 🙂


  2. Heidi Burns

    Dear KIB, formerly known in my memory as the princess-aunt, I find only one criticism worth mentioning: the fact that you did not believe the man from the gorcery store. Allow me to explin. When I was little (really little…when memories are kind of a haze/fog and you’re not entirely sure of details) I thought you were my princess-aunt. You had the long blond hair (big deal to curly red-head girl) and those amazing eyes. The man at the store was not wrong. I remember asking my Mother if someday I might grow up to look like auntKD. We would get ready to visit your little apartment where you and His Favourite Person lived and I would spend hours (seemed like it then, likely minutes) getting ready to be pretty “like auntKD”. Again, the man was not wrong. Imagine my shock and insane pleasure to spend this evening reading your book and realizing that the princess was in fact quite funny, very smart (not that you weren’t always but 5 year olds rarely notice such things) and (oh joy!) an occasionally not-insanely- kind-pollyanna-esque-real-person! Horay!!! You see, for the 5 year old me this would have been a blow. For the 35 year old me, also occassionaly not the ray of sunshine in every cloud, it is manna from heaven. Thank you for sharing your wonderful book and your stories of those you love. I would have enjoyed it regardless, but found much added happiness in being able to get a glimpse into the lives of cousins I haven’t known well. I look forward to reading your book and wish you well.


  3. Heidi Burns

    Also allow me to apologize for not editing above post…I am far too dependent on spellcheck.


  4. Heidi! It is SO GOOD to hear from you (it has been way too long!), but now I’m blushing. Geez. Princess-aunt? Far from it. YOU were the one who always looked like a princess with that sweet little face and all that gorgeous curly dark red hair that I secretly envied. And how the hell did you get to be 35? I’m going to assume that’s a typo. I’m barely 35 myself.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. And absolutely thrilled that you came over to tell me so!

    Melinda, thanks and I hope you enjoy it too!


  5. Heidi Burns

    You may assume away. My Mother tells people I had children at 14 in order to avoid them knowing her age when they see she has grandchildren at ages 15, 12, 10 and 8. I believe she also encourages my Kate (12.5) to call her “Mom” in public as opposed to “Nana”…

    I’m gifting this to all of my e-reader friends for Chistmas. perfect little something for the friends and far more eco-and-hip(as in on your body hip)-friendly than the tradional cheesecake or wine I usually give. Again, congratulations.


  6. cj

    Congrats! I’m going to go check it out now!!


  7. Thanks, CJ! I hope you enjoy it, if you decide to buy.

    Heidi, actually, that sounds like something your mom would say. 😉 And thank you again, for the support and kind words. Can’t even tell you how much I appreciate it.


  8. eidlhe

    Loved it!!! I might have to go back and read some of the older posts again for the comments


  9. Thanks, Pam eidlhe! There were a few posts I wanted to include just for the comments and never mind the post. Like the times I went on vacation and you all took over my blog. I remember the first time it happened and I was sitting there reading the comments via my email, and my son asking what was so funny. I told him people were “decorating” in my absence. He was horrified and said, “You let them into the house?!” I laughed so hard there were tears. Of course, now he thinks you all are hilarious, but back then? Not so much.


  10. RSS

    Loved the book. In fact, am just about to read it a second time because I inhaled it so fast the first time. I also need to find out how to gift it since both my sisters got Kindle’s for Christmas. I probably need to wait until they have them up and running tho.


  11. Thanks, RSS! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And gifting is easy (I’ve done it twice now). You just enter their email address on the form, along with a short note to the recipient. They’ll get an email telling them you sent a gift and how to “claim” it.