Unwelcome reasons for giving thanks

Today, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I am thankful that my daughter has come home to visit for several days.

My daughter is thankful that the nasty intestinal virus didn’t attack while she was still on the airplane yesterday.

I’m thankful that we had planned to have our big turkey meal today and that the turkey is still frozen enough that we can wait and cook it tomorrow instead.

My daughter and I both are thankful that, after almost seven hours of her being violently ill last night, it seemed the worst was finally over and we went to bed at 4:00 AM and slept for four hours without incident.

I am thankful that my bucket-emptying duties appear to be over.

My daughter is thankful to be home where her mommy can take care of her.

My daughter is also thankful for gatorade and chamomile tea.

Did I mention I’m thankful she stopped throwing up?

Both of us are about to be thankful for a quiet house and a long afternoon nap.

And I will be extremely thankful if I get through the next several days without needing anyone to empty a bucket for me.


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7 responses to “Unwelcome reasons for giving thanks

  1. Oh my, I sure hope she feels better really fast! And Lysol…spray the door handles and walls and wash the dishes in bleach lol. Yikes.


  2. Oh my! What a holiday! Glad to hear your daughter is better, and I hope you didn’t catch that nasty bug. Have a great belated Thanksgiving!


  3. Thanks, Melinda and Adrienne. So far, the long weekend has been not-so-fun. No one else is sick (yet) but I think we all feel a bit of sympathetic queasiness.

    Hope you and your families had a wonderful (and non-traumatic) Thanksgiving!


  4. McB

    Here’s hoping that the bug stopped with DD.


  5. So she’s sort of like the Harry Truman of stomach viruses?

    Thanks, McB. So far, so good. :fingers crossed:


  6. Merry the stuffed

    Are we doing better now?

    Sorry. I’ve spent several days in the company of my own mother, though thankfully sans bucket. She tends to adopt the plural, e.g. do we want some more pie?


  7. Maybe your mother has a secret fondness for taxidermy?

    We are doing much better, thank you, though I would rather have had a few days off instead of working this week. Hmmmm, that seems to be a recurring theme in my life.