Welcoming a new addition to the family

What, you were expecting to see a baby? No, it’s a black lab puppy! Why yes, we do consider our pets to be part of the family. And this is the newest family member, taken on by my daughter and her BF. Isn’t she sweet?

I can almost smell the “new puppy” smell.

And look at those adorable little blue puppy eyes.

Here she is a week later, ready to take on the world. Or at least the back yard.

Her name is Jenny — named after Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, WY, one of the many stops along the Epic Tour of BEAR Habitats last summer. Here’s a cool picture they took of Jenny Lake.

Easy to see why they’d want to commemorate one of the gorgeous places they visited on that trip. They had thought about naming her Kootenay after the park in British Columbia — until I pointed out that everyone would soon be calling her “Cootie” and that was really not a nice thing to do to a dog.

I’m just glad they didn’t decide to name her Blackie. Or Grizzly. Or OMG, BEAR!


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5 responses to “Welcoming a new addition to the family

  1. McB

    Awwww! She’s a sweetie. And yes, ready to take on the world. My sister’s family just got a new black lab a few months ago, company for their pug. It’s their second lab, and this one is turning out to be just as big a baby as the last. The gentlest, most loving animals.

    And nobody who has ever had a pet would question that they are members of the family.


  2. Lou

    How adorable is she??
    I went to a big dog show in San Francisco once – a show they call a “bench” show, which means that the show dogs have to be on a “bench” displayed to the public all day. This allows people to talk with breeders about their dogs. The thing I remember the most was that all the labs had their tails wagging, continuously, all day. Wonderful family dogs. I’m sure she will be a delightful addition to their family.


  3. Awzeewiddlefurwypupeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Normal coherent speech* will resume shortly.

    *Or as close as I get to such a thing, anyway.


  4. I’m trying hard not to point out that Quincy The Wonder Dog is also a black lab…

    But just looking at these pics makes me smile. I really wish I could see her and play with and cuddle her in person. Which one of you is supposed to be working on that personal teleporter device? Kick it up a notch, would you?


  5. McB

    I do remember that QTWD is a lab, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a photo so we can be forgiven for misplacing that memory.