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Whaddaya mean, these things don’t write themselves?

Hmm, it seems my blog’s auto-pilot feature isn’t working as advertised. Or at all.

I’ve been imagining people coming over here, seeing that my blog is still celebrating Halloween several days after Thanksgiving, shaking their heads sadly and turning away, telling their friends how pitiful it all is.

Oh, the shame! The utter humiliation!

Um, okay, not really. I’ve been busy. Mostly writing, but other things too. And I’ve been having a tough time concentrating on other, easier pieces of writing. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Besides, all the blog topics I’ve considered recently are either ill-advised rants about insignificant things or epic treatises padded with complaints and whining. Yeah, I know, standard fare over here. But still.

So let’s indulge in something different. It’s the holiday season, a time for enjoying ourselves. At least, you all should be enjoying yourselves while I finish getting this so-called final draft ready for the stage in the writing process called Soliciting Feedback, where we break out the tar and feathers and set up the pillory in the town square.

I’m looking forward to it. Really. Mostly because I’m not yet looking back on it.

This video by writer David Kazzie has been circulating on Twitter and it’s very funny. It made me snort. Then it made me laugh. Yes, out loud. Good thing it wasn’t around five or six years ago — I suspect I wouldn’t have grasped the humour at that point in my learning curve. The non-writers who visit over here are pretty savvy about the process, I hope you all find it amusing as well.

Script: © 2010 David Kazzie. All rights reserved.

If this is your first exposure to an Xtranormal video, you should go visit their site. Hilarity ensues over there on a regular basis. If all else fails, I think it might be a great way to publish. Yes?


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