Welcome to my new blog!

This a short test post, just to see how things look over here. So far, so good. Maybe. The place echoes and seems kind of lonely, albeit clean. I’m sure that will change.

Come on into the comments section and chat a bit. I’ll check in with you all once I’m done decorating.

EDIT: Wow. I just imported three years’ worth of prior blog posts and comments from Blogger. And it looks like I didn’t break anything. This is pretty exciting, if you must know.


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26 responses to “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. What a beautiful blog! And so roomy, too. Hope you won’t mind if I move in a futon and some comfy cushions. Looks like a nice place to settle in for a spell 🙂


  2. Thanks, Merry! Please, make yourself at home. But, hey, you spill anything, you clean it up.

    I’d completely forgotten that I set this up so new commenters had to be approved the first time. Good thing I’m still awake. Can’t have you languishing needlessly… well, unless you like that kind of thing.


  3. The text in this comment box is sort of funky. Very large. I don’t even have to squint.

    No more excuses for typos, I guess.


  4. cbpen

    Whoa!! Big font…even for oldie but goodies. 😉
    Looking good…and easy to read.


  5. jenb

    This looks really really good!
    It makes you feel like you are coming home to relax and visit with a dear friend.


  6. GatorPerson

    Like the pic. Like the layout. Wow, I don’t need my specs to reply. Gee, do I have to get your Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval?


  7. Thanks! It’s taking me a while to get used to it, but I think I’m pleased with how it turned out.

    And sorry about the moderation– it’ll only happen the first time. Unless you change your name. 😉


  8. Robin

    I like it, KD James and like the name. Love the pic which gives a slightly ominous feel–the storm is coming just like in a thriller and the storm is clearing like the thriller’s end.

    So when I get ready to move my blog and set up my author’s/writer’s website will you give me advice?


  9. Hey, Robin! I think the best advice can be found in the comments on the last post. Some great stuff there. But of course I’ll help you! You going to start blogging again?


  10. me

    I like it! Very well done.


  11. Thanks, ME! I’ll try to check in during the day, but anyone else who goes to limbo might have to wait until after work…


  12. McB

    Very nice. Love what you’ve done with the landscaping. Of course you know you’ll have to keep those trees trimmed, right?

    Seriously, I like the look. Clean but fun, too, with the little icon thingies. Good job.


  13. I love the picture at the top. Very pretty.

    Book done yet? Just asking.


  14. Louis


    Like the picture at the top.

    Like the font size. I have new glasses and the reading part is set for about 15 inches…drives me* nutz at the computor.


  15. No, KL, not done yet. LOL! But now that I no longer have this huge task looming, I can better concentrate on it.

    I like the picture too. Tried to find something that wouldn’t clash with all these darn blue links.


  16. orangehands

    Awww, pretty. (And dang, they weren’t kidding, this is big.) But clean, neat, and simple. Good job.

    Also a very funny “about” page. Looking forward to the letters. (Did you have a post once with an excerpt from one? Or was I imagining it?)

    And when I have more time (should be in the next year or so) I will definitely be clicking on some of those links.


  17. Thanks, OH! I like clean and simple, so this fits me. I’m worried the About page isn’t formal or serious enough — but, you know, that’s just who I am.

    And yes, I did once post one of Mabel’s letters. Everyone seemed to really like it, so I thought having a place for all of them would be cool. It’s a LOT of material though. Might take a while.

    Hope the writer’s link are useful to you. Someday.


  18. Lou

    Love this place. I like the clean crisp feel of it. And I particularly like the picture up top, especially the stormy clouds!!

    Since you now have this place set up, you no longer have any excuses to NOT FINISH YOUR BOOK!!

    So get to it!!!


  19. Yes, ma’am. Working on it… 8)


  20. Yes, very clean. You need to have a party over here, break the place in…pop it’s cherry, so to speak. Har.

    And I LOVE the huge text size, fabulous for those of us who need cheaters but are too lazy/vain to wear them.

    Nice very nice. I, too, might move in. Merry brings the furniture, I’ll bring the wine.


  21. *SNORT*

    Place is getting messier by the minute. Love it!


  22. Theresa

    *peering around the open door frame* Not bad. Not bad at all. And a picture involving trees! Can’t go wrong with that.

    It does have a nice, new clean feel to the place. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that for you. 🙂


  23. Anasazi Stories by Jeff Posey

    Well, now, BCB (I never even knew your real name is Katherine James … if that is indeed your real name). I love this new look. I probably love it because you use the Pressrow theme, which is the same theme I use on my own blog. I looked at a bunch before I chose this one. The clean look impresses me. I mean, we’re writers. So the words should be right there where you can see them without lots of stuff in the way. For you, that’s really important, because I love (that’s in italics) the way you write. You’ve got the gift. I could read you all day. I hope to be able to do that someday.

    I’ve added your RSS feed to my home page so I can keep up with everything you post (for some reason, I couldn’t do that with your old blog). So I’m a happy Katherine James fan.

    Jeff Posey


  24. Hey, Jeff, glad you found the new place! I had a lot of fun creating it. Katherine James is not the name my parents gave me — that’s reserved for the day job where I’m a responsible adult in charge of other people’s money — but it’s the name I hope to be published under.

    And thank you for the outrageous compliment. Coming from an incredibly gifted writer such as yourself, it means a lot.

    Um, Theresa, just because you’re in Scotland doesn’t mean I don’t have my eye on you. Just saying…


  25. jasonamyers

    You be careful with that Posey fella. He’s a suspicious character ;0)

    I brought some beer. Where should I put it?


  26. Hey, I love a good conspiracy. I see the potential for suspicion everywhere.

    Um, for now, put it over there in that far corner. Away from the crowd.