What I Did During My Summer Vacation

Okay, fine, it wasn’t an entire summer, just a long four-day weekend (with a good portion of two of those days spent getting there and back) but I felt lucky to have had even that much time off. We traveled to Minneapolis for my niece’s wedding a week ago — my daughter, her boyfriend and I — and since pictures were taken (mostly by others), I decided to share a few (with thanks to those others).

BTW, I have discovered a new strategy for defending myself against people who aim cameras at me: scowl ferociously and keep moving at all times. Consequently, none of the pictures worth looking at were of me. Really. Not one.

The kids wanted to see the sights, so Saturday we drove around Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles, where we stopped and walked for a while.

The weather could not have been more perfect — 78 degrees with low humidity, a light breeze and clear blue skies.

They also wanted to see the U of M campus. No idea how we ended up downtown instead [ahem], but they were delighted by the ingenious practicality of the vast skyway system and my slight detour was mercilessly mocked graciously forgiven.

We eventually made it to campus, where we saw the brand new stadium and then ate lunch at Stub & Herbs, one of my favourite hangouts back when I was in college there, and I discovered that my ability to park in a space smaller than an actual car has not improved with time.

The rehearsal dinner Saturday night was at the Walker Art Center. I didn’t take pictures, but here is one I stole from this site http://bit.ly/2nQ9g2 

We were in the room looking out that top window and the upper angle of the window made it seem like the entire room was on a slant and you expected your dinner, which was fittingly artistic as well as delicious, might slide off the table at any moment. It didn’t.

Sunday morning I had brunch with one of my imaginary internet friends who lives in the area (I don’t normally consider a place two hours away via car to be “in the area,” but I’ve learned imaginary friends have an odd determination about things like that). There were no pictures, just indelible moments of friendship and conversation.

Late Sunday afternoon, the wedding and dinner reception were held in my older sister’s back yard. Her house is on Lake Minnetonka, which is a very large lake. It’s a very large house. Her back yard is, hands down, one of my absolute favourite places to sit quietly and enjoy the beauty of Minnesota.

The front yard isn’t bad either, and that evening it featured a string quartet serenading the Dancing Hares (or so it seemed) while we enjoyed post-wedding/pre-dinner cocktails.

Here are some pics of the back yard, including the chuppah — the canopy under which the bride and groom stand during a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.

Everything was so beautiful. Even the cake.

And the hanging balloon-like lanterns.

And as if there weren’t enough beauty outside, there were ornate flowers inside as well.

A good time was had by all. The bride was gorgeous, the groom handsome and both were glowing with happiness. There was much visiting and catching up with relatives and long-time friends, enough laughter and talking to make your brain explode er, to last until the next momentous occasion brings us together again.

Which I sincerely hope will not occur in the midst of a Minnesota winter.


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10 responses to “What I Did During My Summer Vacation

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful place…I love the dancing hares. Are they string quartet groupies??? 🙂


    fugger: well that's just rude!!!


  2. WapakGram

    How beautiful! I can't decide if I would keep my hammock in the back yard by the water or if I would move to be with the dancing hares. LOVE THEM!

    I'm glad you made it there and back and your head didn't explode.

    Can we still blame things on Lori?

    forkloni-When you share your fork.


  3. Diane (TT)

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing the photos, although your pictures are also always good. I'm glad that you had a nice brunch with Lori and of course imaginary friends are willing to drive long distances! We imagine such reasonable gas prices…


  4. Merry

    Darlin', if something happens during a Minnesotan winter, you invite /them/ to visit /you/. Send them a picture of your beautiful deck, and all those flowers and that sun-thing up in the sky, and they'll be glad to come visit 🙂

    patem –
    You can patem on the cheek of you're gentle
    You can patem on the head if you're tall
    But always remember, if you go to patem
    There are places you shouldn't patem at all.


  5. Slave Driver

    BTW, I have discovered a new strategy for defending myself against people who aim cameras at me: scowl ferociously and keep moving at all times

    See, the problem with that, for me, is scowling ferociously is my normal expression. So, in order to avoid being photographed, I'm the one who generously slogs around the camera. That way I'm always behind the lens, not in front of it.

    On those rare occasions when someone does manage to trap my soul, I can either "innocently" delete it (digital) or "mistakenly" open the back of the camera (film).

    Being considered a klutz has it's advantages…

    Chogg: The past tense of "Chug"

    "That was a lot of wine to chogg!"


  6. McB

    I want dancing hares!

    eflati. goes with bsharpie.


  7. rssasrb

    BCB-I so love reading things you write. You make me laugh, make me see the beauty, and the pictures helped too.

    Merry, I almost choked to death when I read your "Patem" poem. ROTFLMAO

    limbu–the down side of limbo–like when I try it and fall on my area that shouldn't be Pattem.


  8. BCB

    I love the Dancing Hares, too! They're the work of an artist named Sophie Ryder and if you google her name or Dancing Hares (and if you have enough money to spend), you too can have your own. Provided there are any reproductions left for sale. I wish.

    It really was such a beautiful weekend, in every way. Even though that many people in a short period of time is overwhelming to my introverted senses. Glad you all enjoyed the pics.

    Merry, I'm very impressed you managed clever poetry on a Monday morning. I'm going to blame Lori.

    SD, it's very difficult to commandeer ALL the cameras at an event like that. And threats stopped working years ago. So I decided the best defense was to keep moving so maybe I'd appear as a blur. Though I have a feeling someone will manage to simply photoshop a frightfully in-focus pic over the top of it. [sigh]


  9. Lou

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!!!


  10. Scope Dope Cherrybomb

    Loved the photos. The prose wasn't bad either.
    Merry I too am ROTFLMAO. You win the crown for that to hell with the tiara.

    carmag-self explanatory. Car magazine of course although I can't think of the name of one.

    opoli-old people only live longer (than young people). Sorry I can't possibly compete with Merry.

    Oh for pete's sake.

    ovelind- Overlind over sea We will hit the briny sea as the cbs go swimming along.