The power of words

Of all the possible combinations of words in the English language, right now I can’t think of one that is more wonderful than “not malignant.” Nor can I think of a better text message than the one I sent to my kids today: NOT CANCER.

What about you? Got any personal favourite phrases you want to share?

Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here in the corner, floating near the ceiling, giddy with relief.


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16 responses to “The power of words

  1. cc

    this makes me very very very very very very very happy


  2. GatorPerson

    Indeed, I've received those words a couple of times. Nice words indeed.


  3. Lou

    Fabulous, BCB, JUST FABULOUS!!!!!


  4. WapakGram

    Can't top that! Whew! And I agree with the above Very Smart Women….GREAT NEWS

    coragice- Obviously the ice found in Mt. Corag.


  5. Merry

    But of course! I knew all those positive vibes would do the trick.

    Very very happy news!

    reinta – a pinta that's wearing a bridle


  6. Scope Dope Cherrybomb

    Wonderful news BCB. I loved those words too.

    Wapak's verification sounds to me like the word courageous.(coragice) That you were Bcb.

    feosith-the local drunk trying to say Forsooth.


  7. McB

    The very bestest of news. Do something nice for yourself to celebrate.

    Castl – the best are made of sand


  8. rssasrb

    OH HAPPY DAY. Yippee. Thank goodness.


  9. Theresa



  10. Keziah Fenton

    Fabulous words indeed. Thanks for letting us share the joy. Let us all do the Snoopy dance!


  11. Diane (TT)

    I'm so relieved for you! Best wishes for any further treatment – knowing it's not malignant will make it easier to cope with. We'd better get more graphic pictures, too!

    lisconde: running off with the loot AND telling falsehoods about it.

    Some of our friends have very suitable Gravatars!


  12. Anonymous

    I'm so glad BcB!!


  13. BCB

    Thanks, everyone, for the shared happiness. And there is no further treatment (thank god!). The doctor said to come back in a year for another ultrasound to see whether it had changed (in size), but otherwise I should just not worry about it. That's a prescription I'm happy to take!


  14. Slave Driver

    YEAH, baby!!!! W00t!!! Waiting SUCKS but knowing it's not the big "C", priceless.

    Doing the happy dance for you amongst the red rock of Southern Utah!!!

    (and no matter what people say about the use of exclamation points, this is an instance where you really cannot use too many (grin)


  15. anasazistories

    I've been waiting for this tidbit — congratulations! And what a relief. You're right. Those have to be two of the best words in the English language. Similar to my stepson when he was in Afghanistan and a sniper took a potshot at them that seemed to be right at him. His buddy checked him carefully from head to toe: "Missed you." Those are two pretty good words, too. You've dodged the same thing. Makes me very happy.

    –Jeff Posey


  16. BCB

    Thanks, SD. It makes me unreasonably happy to think about the sounds of celebration on my behalf ricocheting off the red rocks of So. Utah. 😉

    Jeff, that's very odd because at one point the doctor actually said to me, "You really dodged a bullet here." And I thought it sounded kind of corny. Now I'm feeling rather privileged to be in the good company of your stepson. VERY relieved to hear that news.