New week, same old brown bag lunch

I finished the week with mixed results on reaching my goals. Somewhat disappointing, but change takes time.

I did so-so with bringing my lunch: three days out of five. I’ve learned this is something I have to prepare and pack up the night before, otherwise it’s just not happening. But I did buy a salad the other two days, so that’s good. I did NOT eat the cookies or brownies or cake that showed up at work. Not even the chocolate covered glazed KK doughnuts. Though I might have inhaled a time or two.

The pushups were going great. Until I woke up Friday morning and my neck was sore. Except it didn’t really hurt so much as it just felt weird. Like I had pulled something. The inside of my throat wasn’t sore, no cough or anything, my neck just felt tight and achy. So after a full day of worrying that I had some dreadly neck disease that might necessitate removal of my entire head, I realized I’d probably pulled something doing those oh-so-strenuous pushups. What a wimp. So, no pushups Friday or Saturday and by Sunday my neck felt much better. As a result, this week I’m taking a break from pushups and have dusted off the treadmill instead. Going to start with a minimum of ten minutes every day this week, even on Monday. More if I can stand the boredom. Because I’ve been a complete slug for the past four months and that has to stop.  [Did 10 on Saturday, Sunday 12.]

Trying to write every day has been . . . interesting. Not sure I’ll ever be a do-it-every-day type of writer, but I’m going to keep at it for now. Even though it takes it all out of me, mentally, to do this on workdays. I need to finish. Some of what I’ve written has been truly awful. Some, very minimal. And Friday? Zip. Sat there looking at the screen and– nothing. But knowing I’m going to have to at least try has made me think about it during the day. I’m pretty sure my boss noticed me staring intently off into space a couple times. That’s okay. Might be good for him to wonder what I’m plotting. But I made some significant progress over the weekend with a couple scenes that had been giving me trouble. That felt good.

Still got a long way to go before I reach the big goals, but at least I’m moving forward again. Little steps.

Oh, and I had a lovely Mother’s Day. Hope you did too, regardless of whether anyone calls you mom.


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5 responses to “New week, same old brown bag lunch

  1. Merry

    Trying to write every day? Oh my.
    Did you read about the couple who decided to have sex every day for a year? (Yes, with each other.) Not nearly as much fun in practice as it had sounded in theory.
    Congrats on brown bagging and salading it for a week!

    misift – what happens when you are inept at sifting flour and end up having to sweep the floor not that it didn’t need it anyway.


  2. BCB

    Fun? Who said anything about fun? If I wanted to have fun I’d eat chocolate and read other people’s books all night, like a normal person.

    I read a quote once (can’t remember who said it) that went something like, “Writers don’t enjoy writing, we enjoy having written.” I’d take it a step further and say we enjoy having done a damn fine job of editing.

    I’ve decided this is sort of “put up or shut up” time for me. I can’t really call myself a writer if I can’t finish a ms. And if I can’t, well . . . at least I’ll be somewhat thinner and in somewhat better shape.


  3. Theresa

    Sometimes, I think it’s just about having a plan. I might not stick to the plan 100% of the time (or even 50% of the time), but just having a plan gets me moving forward.

    So, well done for your first week!!

    Cheriest – Who is the Cheriest of them all?


  4. McB

    Yay for you, keeping up with the health eating! We’re proud of you.

    One of the things I learned while doing Weight Watchers was to keep the goal attainable. If it’s too grand, you’ll slip up sooner rather than later and then feel like a failure. Break it into parts that are reachable in the very near future so that you have a feeling of achievement to keep you going. If I have to break it into 100 parts, then that’s what I do.

    The important thing is, that you KEEP GOING. This is true whether it’s your writing or your weight loss or any other damn thing.

    inssa – the elite arm of Mensa, populated mostly by CBs


  5. Scope Dope Cherrybomb

    Good for you. I really do wish you would finish that MS because I am ready to buy it to read. You have such a wonderful way with words.

    Ditto what Mcb and Theresa said.

    nalizes=Swedish for “Book done yet”?