Planning is good, doing is better

Oh, my poor sadly neglected blog. I’ve been off creating a bright shiny new blog for my CB friends and completely ignoring you. Here, I brought you some flowers as an apology. Pansies and snapdragons, two of my favorites:

Why, you’re quite welcome. I picked them in the drive-thru lane at Chick-fil-A where I was ordering healthy grilled-not-fried chicken and substituting a questionable lovely fruit medley for fries. Really.

Okay, it’s time to refocus. Lately I’ve been playing around and writing blog posts and comments elsewhere (I love WordPress — can I say that over here?) and having a grand old time . . . and not accomplishing much of anything else.

In an effort to prove I can be disciplined and maintain a routine, I’m setting some simple daily goals that should help me attain some not so simple long-term goals:

1)  I have started the 100 pushup challenge. Okay, stop laughing. If you’re thinking I couldn’t do a real pushup to save my life, you’re right. I have very little upper body strength. I can’t do the “modified” version either because that involves kneeling and that just feels too submissive. Or it might have something to do with the extreme pain of kneeling on damaged knees that have no gooey stuff left between the bones. So I’m doing the wimpy wall version. NOW you can laugh. Hey, it’s better than doing nothing. And I’m doubling the routine by repeating each day, so instead of three days a week, I’ll do six and rest on Sunday. Since it’s so arduous.

2)  I’m going to bring my lunch to work every day. You think this sounds easy, don’t you? It should be, but it’s not. It requires planning. And shopping. And daily washing of plastic containers. But I’m determined to do it because it will save money and I will eat healthier food. And because I’m going to have to let well-intentioned but hopelessly delusional family members take one or two pictures of me in August. Why they insist on traumatizing every get-together is beyond me.

3)  I’m going to write SOMETHING, even if it’s dreck, even if it’s just one page of the vilest dreck imaginable, even if it’s just a weekly blog post, every single day. Except Monday. Because in general, Mondays completely suck and no one is going to want to read anything I might write on a Monday. Plus it’s the only night I watch TV. I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing on a regular basis and that’s bad. Need to regain that discipline.

So, three simple daily goals. I think I can handle it.

Anyone want to join me? There must be something you all should be doing every day, but you’re not. ‘Fess up.


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8 responses to “Planning is good, doing is better

  1. Merry

    Wow! I’m not laughing, I’m proud of you! That’s fantastic.

    Oh, and the food-from-home and writing-daily stuff is pretty damn good too 🙂

    I totally agree, no one should write (or go to work for that matter) on Mondays. Tuesdays are much nicer.


  2. Cary

    Brown-bag lunch? I’ve been doing that for a year and a half now. Out of necessity. Although it’s called Old Town/Chinatown, almost all the Chinese restaurants decamped to a new, emerging Chinatown across the river. That leaves the social service agencies’ soup kitchens – I don’t think I qualify, being employed and all that. And the deli-marts. One deli mart appears to specialize in malt liquor. The other does brisk trade in sandwiches by dint of being just about the only game in town. I ate there once. My grilled cheese tasted like bleach, and I wound up with a stomach ache for my troubles.

    Words of advice:

    Keep some “backups” in your desk in case lunch doesn’t look so good or last long enough. Chips, fruit, fruit cups, pudding cups, chocolate, nuts.

    On the fourth day of leftover chicken, not even the thought of chicken gravy can convince you that bringing your own lunch was a good thing. Keep some backup frozen dinners in the fridge.

    Do learn what re-heats best. And be even more careful to NOT overcook things. Dry chicken, re-heated, is still dry chicken, no matter how much noodles and gravy you smother it with.

    I’ll raise a Pepsi to your industriousness with the wall pushups. Maybe I’ll even figure out what a wall push up is.

    And I’ll definitely be celebrating the write every day rule. Yeah!


  3. orangehands

    I was shocked; thought you were actually answering the tag. 🙂 But let me* say, Wow. I am extremely impressed.

    Ok, here are some tiny goals:

    1. I will write non-school stuff twice a week. (This will happen during one of my classes, but still, it’s something.) Even if it’s only three lines.

    2. I will do my homework in a timely fashio- hahaha. Yeah, ok, not that one.

    3. I won’t kill someone before the quarter is over.

    Hmmm, #3 seems really difficult…

    Pershie: Being perky and pushing at the same time.


  4. Keziah Fenton

    I will write every day. I was wallowing in rejection and stopped that routine. But I really need to get back to it.

    And walking. I’ve walked three out of four nights this week and if feels fantastic. So I’m going to do that every other day. It feels good.

    Cary’s Pepsi sounds really good right now so I’m not sure I can commit to any dietary changes.


  5. McB

    When it comes to exercise, doing anything at all beats doing nothing at all. You go, girl. And go, you, for making the healthier choices all around. I think someone on Team CB needs to award you with a gold star. Cary is right about keeping something handy for snacking emergencies. And work in foods that have strong flavors and/or lots of crunch. They tend to be more satisfying. I like apples and dill pickles. Pasta reheats pretty well and is also good cold.

    Me, I don’t do exercise regimens because I know I won’t stick to them. I really hate being told what to do and when to do it, even if I’m just talking to myself. Yes, I’m contrary. So I’ll focus on getting more out of the activities I do anyway. Housework burns more calories than most people realize if you do it right.


  6. BCB

    Um, OH, I'm not sure "not killing someone" is quite what I had in mind. But hey, good decision.

    Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement and advice. I guess I should have mentioned that when I DO bring my lunch to work, it's almost always a salad. With lots of good stuff in it. So there won't be any gravy. And yeah, I've stocked up on healthy snacks too. Does not help AT ALL that other people bring chocolate and cookies and brownies in to work to share with everyone. I resisted M&M cookies today. That's just Not Fair.

    And as wimpy as those wall pushups are, I guess they're making me use muscles I don't normally use. Because I'm already sore in some interesting places and I've just barely started.

    Keziah, you can NOT let rejection get you down. You know better. Just keep writing.


  7. WapakGram

    I shall endeavor to haul my sorry carcass out of bed and ride my bike one morning a week. Then when I do it twice a week, I can feel like Lance Effing Armstrong or something.

    Good for you and GOOD FOR YOU! Such awesome goals should be rewarded at least twice.

    wonisal- sounds like something you take for intestinal problems


  8. Theresa

    Star? Did someone call for a CB star? That can be arranged.

    It took me a while, but I’ve finally settled on a goal. I will endeavor (sp?) to run 3 times a week in May. I will also take the stairs rather than the elevator as much as possible at work. I think that’s enough for now. :+)

    Oh, and if you think wall pushups are too whimpy, you can do counter pushups, or even bench pushups.