It’s not every day you hear news like this . . .

I have exciting news! So, you know I finished my book last wee– Oh, I hadn’t mentioned that? Must have slipped my mind. Yeah, the final 100 or so pages were a breeze. Don’t know why people say writing fiction is difficult. Anyway, I decided to hell with this “query letter” nonsense and sent the entire ms to my Dream Agent. Well, apparently it was a very slow week (or it might have been that lovely eye-catching pink paper I printed it on) because she read it immediately. She called the next day to tell me how much she LOVED it and begged me to let her represent me. For half her usual percentage.

Of course, I agreed.

And before the ink was even dry on that contract, she was shopping the ms around to all the biggest NY publishing houses. She emailed on Monday to tell me they were engaged in a bidding war! I guess they liked it too. So anyway, we just finalized the deal last night. A seven figure contract (I’m not talking about The Seven Dwarfs here) and they want to print it in hardcover. Plus a HUGE budget for promotion. And, get this– they want to send me on a book signing tour. Twenty-five cities in ten days. Good grief! They’ve stepped up production and completely rearranged their publishing schedule so the book will be out sometime early this summer.

I’m SO excited! I can’t wait.

Oh, and I just got a call from Jon Stewart himself! He read an advance copy (I told you they’d really stepped up production, didn’t I?) and he wants to interview me on his show next Monday. Of course, I had to tell him no, that won’t work. I can’t miss an episode of 24. So he’s going to bump someone else and we’ll do it Wednesday instead.

Oh. My. God. I’ve got to find something to wear. I’ve lost so much weight lately, nothing fits.


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7 responses to “It’s not every day you hear news like this . . .

  1. Merry


    Is it okay to reveal now that the book you were writing was my biography?

    falis – the adjectival form of the word “falisy,” which seems appropriate here for some reason


  2. Keziah Fenton

    You know, I don’t think this is a joke. you may have intended it that way but I can see all of the above happening(you lost allthe weight because you hunkered down, finished the last 100 pages and forgot to eat)


  3. Scope Dope Cherrybomb

    Or you lost the weight, mega pounds, worrying about your DD in strange countries. I so hope the same thing happens to me. Also with the manuscript. I must admit I haven’t finished mine yet. The brilliance keeps poring out of me and I just can’t stop putting it down on paper.

    DeMille has promised to come back and film it but Hitchcock may make it first.


  4. BCB

    Keziah, babe . . . you are so sweet. But trust me, none of this is ever going to happen to me. Though I tell you, people like you who deliver compliments like that are one of the reasons it’s taking so long to finish. Got to get it right so people aren’t disappointed.

    But I did have fun thinking up stuff too outrageous to ever be true (unless you’re Merry). From the pink paper right down to Jon Stewart reading it (I suspect he only reads non-fiction).

    Scope, don’t they have moose in Scotland? And I agree, everything you write is pure brilliance.

    Okay, back to reality for me.


  5. McB

    I say, just put this blog on hold. You’ll be able to use this for real one day soon.

    ingly: just reading about it made me feel ingly all over.


  6. WapakGram

    I liked the picture of the kitty listening to the birds in the wall.

    What? You finished your book and What not to Wear stopped at your house and fixed you all up? What a marvelous day.
    corycerc- I think this is an animal that Louis watches from his porch.


  7. BCB

    McB, no. Just– no. I mean, someday soon (very soon) I will finally finish the thing and then I hope I can get an agent and sell it, but the rest of it? No. Just the thought of doing a book signing makes me want to hide. Or throw up.

    Wapak, you have no idea. I’m so completely clueless when it comes to “what to wear” — that show could make a month-long project out of me and all the things I get wrong. Except I don’t give a flip about being fashionable, so I’m pretty much a lost cause.