Work in Progress

I’m working here. Really. It just looks like I’m spending every free minute sitting on the couch watching movies. But that’s only because, um, that’s what I’m doing.

Seriously, I’m taking an online class this month — learning about screenwriting techniques and how to apply them to novel writing. I’ve heard from other writers that this can be very helpful if you’re having trouble with story structure. Which I am.

So I’m working here. And learning.

And yeah, sitting on the couch watching movies. And then writing detailed, yet concise (ha!), synopses of three-act/eight-sequence story structure, paying particular attention to elements of– never mind. Take my word for it, this couch potato thing is not as easy as it looks.

[Note to any writers out there:  If you ever get a chance to take a class taught by Alex Sokoloff — just do it. The woman is awesome.]

When was the last time you took a class? Set out to learn something different? Challenged your brain with new information?

Been a while? What are you waiting for?


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8 responses to “Work in Progress

  1. jenb

    Hope you are feeling much better.

    Sounds like you are really enjoying and learning from this experience. It is fun to view movies, books from a different perspective.

    When you have completed this course I would like to hear your thoughts on what your views were before and after.


  2. Merry

    Huh. You’re sitting on the couch watching movies and you claim it’s a Learning Experience? Suuuuure it is.
    One question: was popcorn involved?

    If you’re sitting on the couch chowing down on the buttery salty stuff, then it’s hard to swallow this story 😉

    disedli – (adverb) behaving in a manner disrespectful to education


  3. McB

    Huh. My brain has enough trouble with the stuff I’ve already learned. And in my experience, learning experiences are never fun.

    But I’m happy that you are so excited about your new learning experience.

    detbuchr: otherwise known as a financial manager


  4. BCB

    McB, really? I love learning new things. Love it. In fact, today I learned (from something a fellow classmate posted) about Pervitin and its role in WWII.

    And Merry, I’ll have you know the popcorn was purely medicinal. All that buttery saltiness felt good on my cough-ravaged throat.

    I’m not sure I can explain the before and after on this one, Jen. Though we could have lunch and I’ll try . . . 😉 So far, it has changed everything. But probably I’ll never be able to just sit back and enjoy a movie ever again — I’ll have to pick it apart. [sigh] Oh well. Movies have never been my thing anyway. I’d rather read.


  5. Jenni

    I too have been taking classes, but I’ve also been teaching a lot lately. Amazing what one can learn from that. You go BCB!


  6. Theresa

    The class does sound pretty cool! I do like learning new things. As long as there are no tests. I hate tests. After the last test I had in grad school, I bought myself a cake to celebrate. Seriously.


  7. McB

    Oh, I like learning new things, too. I just don’t like the experiences that often come with the lessons.

    stlyhon: the fashionista’s term of endearment.


  8. BCB

    Ah. You mean Life Lessons. Yeah, those can be less than delightful.

    Tests? Nope, no tests. Unless you count every single time someone reads the book and passes judgement. [gulp]