Thankful for new things

I am thankful for many things. Yes, all the usual suspects: family, friends, health, employment. But this year I discovered new things for which to give thanks, things I had never before considered part of the list:

That not making Thanksgiving dinner (for only the second time in 26 years) means I do not have a turkey carcass taking up space in my refrigerator the next day.

That my daughter and her boyfriend are taking turns, during their Epic Journey Through Patagonia, sending reassuring emails to their parents (yes, we threatened them) and that the one he sent yesterday morning covered all the important stuff: Hey families, made it safe and sound to Puerto Madryn. We’re going to go see some whales today. We’ll try to keep you updated.

That my son and his girlfriend spent the last two nights here, as well as a good part of each day, and I still really like her.

That Adam Sandler’s movies have improved somewhat since the last one I was forced to watch.

That my son knows how to make a fire in the fireplace, and did.

That after going to three different grocery stores on Thanksgiving Day, none of which had any frozen pumpkin pies left, it was no big deal to track down a can of Libby’s pumpkin goo, read the recipe on the label, label, label and make my own. It was delicious.

That Pillsbury makes the crust so I don’t have to. Hey, it was more than enough nonsense making the Oreo crust for the grasshopper pie.

That my son’s friends feel welcome in my home and don’t hesitate to drop in without notice for a piece of pie, or two (this is not new, the excess of pie is).

That, as much as I loved spending time with everyone while they were here, all those people are gone now and I can relax and enjoy the balance of what I had thought was going to be a very quiet holiday weekend spent writing.

Ahh, and as I finish typing this, here comes a new reason: That my daughter has inherited my tendency to go on and on and on, and does so even in email:

Hey there families! A and I have made it safely to Trelew. We went whale watching yesterday in Peninsula Valdes and it was absolutely incredible. We saw so many whales, and they were all really close to the boat, some even passed under the boat! They were Southern Right Whales, and some were up to 16 meters long, which is about 50 feet! We also got lucky enough to see a few of them jumping out of the water, which was probably the coolest thing ever. We have lots of pictures! Today we are visiting a dinosaur museum and hanging out in the city of Trelew, which was founded by the Welsh. Tomorrow we go to see the PENGUINS!!!!!! From there we will keep heading south until we get to Puerto Natales. Happy Thanksgiving (A is silly and forgot to say that yesterday)!! Love you and miss you!

Yes, many new things this year for which to give thanks.


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3 responses to “Thankful for new things

  1. Merry

    A pie full of grasshoppers?
    Is that anything like the recipe you whipped up featuring wild mice?
    Does PETA come and picket in front of your house a lot?

    (Happy Thanksgiving šŸ˜‰

    Conali – I don’t even want to guess what kind of recipe that is.


  2. McB

    Merry, that’s probably Welsh for grasshopper.

    BCB – how cool is it that even when your kids are grown you are still the cool mom? Lady, you’ve done something right. Your driving still needs work, though. Will dd bring me a pengowin if I ask really nicely? And PB doesn’t make a half bad crust. Glad you found a can of LLL to go with it.

    Ganderce. It’s French for pumpkin pie. Or would be if they had pumpkins. Or do they?


  3. rssasrb

    Glad you had a good weekend if not quite the one you expected. Hope you are able to get some work done on your book today.