3 Nov: Monday, Monday . . .

. . . sometimes it just turns out that way.

On Monday I was an employee (exhausting day) and a viewer (LOVE that dancing show) and a friend (very long phone call).

I was not a writer.

I imagine tonight I will be a concerned citizen. Perhaps I’ll be able to multi-task, concentrating on fiction and reality at the same time. We shall see.

I want everyone who comes over here today to say, “I VOTED!” It will make me feel better about my lack of progress.


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6 responses to “3 Nov: Monday, Monday . . .

  1. me

    I voted!

    Bring your writing with you. Long lines…plus lots of interesting characters to write about.


  2. Merry

    I voted!!

    Lines? What lines? Love the drop-off ballot system 🙂

    phoati – Did you phoati today?


  3. BCB

    Yay! I voted too! No lines, no wait. The best estimate of a neighbor friend who was working there is that more than 80 percent of our precinct has voted so far. Excellent!

    And since I left work early to do so and since the polls don’t close for another hour and a half here and since it has been pointed out to me by another writer that the election results won’t change one bit simply by me watching them and that I can check every hour or so and turn the damn TV reporting off in between (very good point), I think I’ll go write some fiction for a while.


  4. Anonymous

    I voted last month…uh in Canada. Does that count? I hope you all are happy with whomever you end up with as President. As it has been pointed out many, many, many times this is an historical vote for you all. I will be watching with interest too, Bcb.


  5. Penny

    That was me* Penny/


  6. jenb

    I voted,too.

    Glad you are taking the time to write rather then watching the results.
    A much better use of time.