2 Nov: headaches and waterfalls

Sunday I woke up with the mother of all headaches. Not to mention the yelling father and four screaming kids and six barking dogs of a headache. Enough pain to last all day. Which it did. I did not want to write. It hurt to think. If I hadn’t known people were expecting to see some progress, I wouldn’t have done it.

So mostly I focused on editing. Copied good stuff from the old ms and pasted it into the new. In the correct order. Deleted a lot — can’t believe how bad some of it was. Added and tweaked a bit — rather pleased by how much I’ve learned. Net result: 2 pages of new writing. Total ms now at 51 pages.

I also took a long nap. It helped.

Oh, and I also slashed the hell out of, um, that is, edited a synopsis for a friend. Who may someday forgive me. [sigh] The things I do.

I can’t express how much I appreciate you all coming over here to check on me. As a special thank you bonus, and because I know these updates are mind-numbingly boring, here are some pictures of Iguazu Falls in Argentina (or perhaps the Midwest, if you’re looking at Wapak’s map) that my daughter took while she was there several weeks ago:


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4 responses to “2 Nov: headaches and waterfalls

  1. Merry

    Looks like the Midwest as far as I can tell.

    reast — I’ve never been reast of Rexas, except in a plane which really doesn’t count as visiting the Ridwest.


  2. Xenia

    Yay for working through the pain! You’re a tough broad. 😉

    Lovely pics.


  3. jenb

    Beautiful pictures.

    Hope the headache is far far away by now.

    Glad you recognized how good the good is
    and how you are making the rest even better.


  4. Theresa

    Wow. What fabulous pictures!

    boach – a boast, interrupted by a sneeze that doesn’t materialize