1 Nov: a good start

Okay, I can already tell it is going to be irritating as hell to write a post every day. Maybe I could do one every other day? No, I know. That wasn’t the deal. Every day it is.

So yesterday, before I could write, I had to clear the decks. Really. I recently took an online quiz about distractions in your environment. It was interesting. I realized I have way too many things in my space that are distracting me. So I gathered up all the stuff I had taken out of the closet in there, but had not gotten around to actually doing anything about, and shoved it all right back into the closet. And closed the doors.

Then I had to go to the grocery store to stock up. I know, you’re thinking this was just a delaying tactic, but it was actually quite essential. For instance, last night at 10:00 when I realized I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, it was very helpful to have something quick and easy I could zap in the microwave.

When I am this intensely focused on writing, I tend to lose track of things. Like eating. And going to bed. Good thing The Wonder Dog is staying with His Favourite Person this weekend.

So yesterday, last night really, I wrote eight new pages. I’m slow and that’s a decent output for me. And I copied over four old ones. So the new ms now has 12 pages in it. Including an excellent new scene, with two new characters. One of them dies. That’s a good start and I’m happy.


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6 responses to “1 Nov: a good start

  1. Merry



  2. Xenia

    That’s a big old gold star for day one. 🙂


  3. Theresa

    Way to get started!! (I’m still procrastinating.)


  4. WapakGram

    Since your first comments on the Blog, I have been waiting for THE BOOK in your voice.

    Congrats on getting down to work. And a blog post each day.

    Fun for us here in……yes…you know….the MIDWEST!


  5. jenb

    I am looking forward to checking in each day to see how you are doing.
    Can we still do lunch one afternoon or wait until the 30 days are over?
    Eight new pages – Great Job!


  6. me

    Ooo, sounds intruiging. Good luck! Can’t wait to go to the bookstore and buy my copy!