March of the Penguins, Flight of the Cat

Yeah, I’m busy. So you get more words from my daughter. She’s more interesting than I am right now anyway. She’s an animal lover. She especially loves penguins. She made me watch that movie “March of the Penguins.” Twice. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s an amazing story of determination and survival in brutally harsh conditions. But I digress. So, she loves penguins. Almost as much as she loves dogs. And cats. Here is an excerpt from one of her Argentina blog posts:

I absolutely adore my family here! I have a madre whose name is A, and two sisters X and C. They are so nice and friendly! And a kitty whose name is Michi, which actually means “kitty,” just like my cat’s name! Michi looks just like my cat, except where Kitty is black, Michi is gray. But Michi has white paws and a white belly, but he doesn’t have a white nose like my kitty. He already recognizes me and will jump up on my bed to sit with me. Apparently he doesn’t do this with anyone else! My madre jokes that Michi has fallen in love with me. The other day when I was in the shower, he was sitting outside the door meowing because he wanted to come in to see me. And Friday night when I got home at 4am from going out, Michi was outside because he had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night (he doesn’t have a litter box but goes outside like a puppy), and he came running across the street to see me, meowing the whole time. I was surprised that he’s learned to recognize me so quickly! And unlike my kitty, he actually lets me pick him up too, much to my delight!

Note: We rescued our cat from the wild when she was just weeks old. Her idea of snuggling is to sit on the far end of the couch and glare. Suspiciously.

So I emailed my daughter the link to the article in the last blog post about the penguin being knighted. I knew she’d find that delightful and it would make her smile. Last weekend was a four-day holiday and she and some friends traveled to Cordoba. I didn’t expect to hear from her while she was there, but she sent me this email:

my ancestors just knighted a penguin!!! that made my day! because i have had quite a bad time today… michi had a bad accident on thursday morning. our house is 3 stories, and he climbs the neighbor´s tree and jumps onto the roof…well thursday he missed, and impaled his stomach on the top of a gate, and had to have surgery. and my madre just sent me a text today saying ¨”michi se fue de casa” which means he left the house. i dont know if he ran away (to die because of his wound), or if that´s a nice way of saying he died, but in the house. either way i´ve been very sad all day, and that news about the penguin just made me very happy. love you!

You send your child off to a foreign country and there are so many things you warn her about, so many dangers you want her to be aware of. Caring too much should not have to be one of them.


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3 responses to “March of the Penguins, Flight of the Cat

  1. McB

    Poor Michi. Poor DD. Glad the penquin story was there when she needed it. Penquins are good for that.


  2. rssasrb

    Ohhh. I’m so sorry about Michi. Enjoying hearing about her travels.

    My youngest got a kick out of your blog on the penguin.

    So did I.


  3. BCB

    Thanks, guys. My DD reports that Michi ran away — presumably to heal and not to die, as the vet said the surgery was very successful and he doesn’t anticipate any problems from it. They hope he’ll come home soon.

    RSS, you let your son read my blog? Oh dear. I do hope you’re supervising.