Out of the closets . . .

I had planned to write today. And I will. Later. I’m not a morning person. Now I’m laughing, because that might be the biggest understatement I’ll ever make.

So instead, this morning I cleaned out a couple closets. Just the ones that had old books shoved into the corners. Dusty old single title paperbacks, mostly romance. [achoo!] I don’t re-read — I’ve tried and I just can’t — so I knew I had to get rid of these books. There is NO POINT in keeping them. Really.

So I started pulling them out, lining them up in stacks of twelve as I went so I could figure out how many there were. It made me wistful to see some of those names, many who used to be favorite authors but whose work I never see any more. Or who used to write romance but moved on to other genres. Some good stuff there.

I filled up two shopping bags. Then three more. Then another. Look, here they are, on their way out the back door:

The cat was flicking her tail, expressing displeasure about the disturbance in the force. The two large bags each contain four dozen books. The four medium bags, three dozen each. That makes, um, let’s see, carry the one, oh that can’t be right– twenty dozen? Gasp. Two hundred forty books.

The nice library people are either going to love me or tell me I can never come back.


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3 responses to “Out of the closets . . .

  1. Merry

    If you list them on paperbackswap.com, someone might take them and you’d be able to get /more/ books for almost-free.

    (Not really for free, since you have to pay for the postage on the books you get rid of, but if you ever plan to buy new books this might save you money in the long run.)

    qbcoox – BCBese for ‘don’t talk to me yet; it’s before noon’


  2. BCB

    I checked out that website. Interesting concept, but I don’t like the idea of “buying” books if I can’t see them and hold them first. Especially fiction. It’s rare for me to order books online.

    Now, if someone wanted to just come get all these books, I’d happily give them away.

    [And you can talk to me before noon — I can do all sorts of things before noon. I just can’t create until later in the day. Probably I’m nocturnal.]


  3. McB

    Lucky library. You could also schlep them to a used bookstore, although not for profit. You’d be lucky to get more than pennies per book. But it’s an option if the library turns you down.

    I do re-read but still need to clear out my shelves from time to time. Sometimes because my preferences have changed but mostly because I run out of space. I think I need to do that again soon. I’ve got books laying all over the damn place and it makes it hard to find the one I want when I want it.

    SFQXPE: The Special Forces guys were qxpe’d when they saw the book baracade.