For those who are weary of winter

This is the view today from my dining room window. It’s a second-story window and those are trees in bloom, not bushes. The one on the left just starting to get some white flowers is a Bradford pear. No idea what the pink one is, other than gorgeous. There is a tree off to the right that will get deep pink flowers in another week or so. The contrasts are amazing.

This happens every year about this time, so it’s expected. Yet I am always awed and a bit surprised by the delicate colorful explosion of beauty.

Not many places are prettier than North Carolina in the springtime. Or more unpredictable. We could get ice or sleet or snow anytime in the next few weeks that would kill all the flowers and snap off overloaded branches.

That’s why, this time of year, we also have the explosive beauty of the ACC basketball tournament.


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4 responses to “For those who are weary of winter

  1. McB

    As my flowering cherries and Bradford pears won’t be budding for weeks yet, I’m going to enjoy yours for a while. Yeah, it’s expected; but like you it thrills me every year.


  2. jenb

    With the daffodils blooming in the yards and along the highways Spring will be here soon. I am looking forward to the dogwoods showing off too.
    And to UNC going all the way this year.


  3. BCB

    but like you it thrills me every year.

    LOL! McB, darlin’, you thrill me too.

    And JenB, I knew I could count on you to comprehend the magnitude of ACC BBall. My DD will be so happy to know there is another (imaginary) supporter of “her” team.


  4. McB

    Well, you do. 😉

    Ah yes. ACC basketball. A good time to catch up on my reading.