A week is seven days — unless it’s 10,080 minutes

You ever have one of those weeks? One of those wonderful, magical weeks you look back on fondly, remembering how easy it all was? How everyone you work with was cheerful and efficient and the work seemed to almost have wings? How every person you encountered while out and about each day had a friendly smile and a ready compliment? How pleasant it was to accomplish the mundane and menial chores, how conquering even the most difficult tasks seemed effortless? How your workload was light and you left the office early each day, walking out to your car in the light of day, a spring in your step and the glint of a smile in your eyes? How once you got home your energy seemed boundless and you cooked and cleaned and did amazingly creative and productive things well into the night? How you slept well and soundly, how you woke up the next morning eager to do it all again?

You ever have one of those? I know I have. Last week was not one of them.


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3 responses to “A week is seven days — unless it’s 10,080 minutes

  1. Theresa

    Awww, that sucks. Do you have a bag or pillow or something that you can punch? Would that help?

    Hope you are able to get some R&R this weekend! ((hug))


  2. McB

    Just tell me who the culprits are and I’ll come down and smack them upside the head for you.


  3. orangehands

    hee hee. i was waiting for that last line…

    this week SUCKS. but it’s almost over, thank bob