Writing is a solitary and lonely endeavour. A writer has to be comfortable with that, with long hours spent alone, with having only the voices and the words for company. That is, until the book is complete and about to be published — then a writer has to do a complete 180 degree turn-around in personality and promote the hell out of themselves and the book. Most writers manage to do this, some more enthusiastically and with less pain than others, but most of them suck it up and get the job done. Because at that point, it is a job.

Sometimes, however, a writer is unable to participate in promotion. At this time, Patry Francis is one of those writers. She has a book called THE LIAR’S DIARY (originally released in hardcover, spring 2007) coming out in paperback today. She also has cancer and the depleted reserves accompanying that battle.

Some of Patry’s friends have decided to help with promotion by blogging about her book, all on the same day. Today. And they have solicited help. I heard about Patry from a friend of a friend of hers. Now some of you — those of you who know I lost a dear friend to cancer last fall — will understand immediately why this situation strikes a chord in my heart. Even so, I don’t do this lightly.

I have a tough time promoting a book I have not yet read, written by a person I do not know and whose work is unfamiliar to me. But I spent a good bit of time reading Patry’s blog this past weekend. I was extremely impressed by her intelligence and tone and writing style. If THE LIAR’S DIARY is even remotely of the same quality as her blog posts, it will be a worthy read.

I plan to buy a copy. Probably two. Because gifts are good. I hope you will do the same. If you go here you can read more about Patry, her book and this valiant effort on her behalf, as well as find links to buy the book online. There’s even a coupon. Coupons are good. If you have a blog, give Patry and THE LIAR’S DIARY a mention, would you? Or post a link to this blog or any of the many others that will be talking about her today.

One of the best things about being a writer is knowing your words have touched other people. One of the second best things is when you emerge from the dark creative depths of your cave, bleary eyed and weary and sick to death of your own company, to the realization that you are not alone, that other writers support you. Patry Francis has touched a hell of a lot of people and today a large number of us are standing shoulder-to-shoulder at the edges of her solitude. I’m hoping there are many more words in her future, and many more people who will be touched by them.


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6 responses to “THE LIAR’S DIARY Blog Day

  1. orangehands

    good job, BCB. you make me* very proud to call you a friend

    the only people who read my blog were CBs, but i’ll buy her book and promote it in real life


  2. BCB

    OH, you are so sweet. You try to hide it, but I know the truth. And I really had nothing to do with all this and do not deserve any credit at all. It was Laura Benedict and Susan Henderson of who set it all up. The list over there of people who participated is very impressive. Anyway, thanks for supporting another writer.

    Kind of thought I’d see more comments from CBs over here. Oh well.


  3. jenb

    you are always showing such kindness in all you do for everyone. From your family,to your job,to the writers group,to the CB’s and more.
    So thank you for sharing this with us and I will go out and buy the book tomorrow.


  4. orangehands


    it’s spread over the internet. i’ve seen it in a couple of sites, like at the BB (Suz Brockmann Board)

    still, this is a really amazing thing


  5. orangehands

    i’m posting for GP and i have the perfect thing, which will tie in to this, so no worries


  6. McB

    Did read it and even went over to to find out more about the book. I do think it sounds very interesting and I’ve put it on my list of titles to look for next bookstore visit.

    As my grandfather used to say, one cannot judge the depth of the water by the turbulence on its surface.