Loss and Losing Weight

Some of you know I have recently lost five pounds and have told me that’s great and I must have found a strategy that works for me. Yes and no. Those five pounds were lost due to grief over the death of a dear friend. I simply couldn’t eat. This is not a good plan and I do not recommend it. Keep as many of your friends alive as possible.

But I figure as long as the scale is moving in the right direction, I should take advantage of that. At this time last year, I was feeling very pleased with myself for having lost 23 pounds. I maintained that weight loss for a long time. But inner slugs being what they are (and mine is incredibly successful, not to mention sneaky as hell), I have now gained back roughly half that amount.

Inattention + Inactivity + Indulgence = Smug Sedentary Slug

So here’s the real plan, in case anyone is interested. I have no credentials whatsoever to give this advice and you should probably disregard all of it and talk to your doctor instead. It’s pretty basic stuff, but this is what seems to work for me. When I follow it. And that’s the hard part, isn’t it?

  • No alcohol. No brainer, right? But I’m always surprised by people who are trying to lose weight, yet continue to drink alcohol. I pretty much don’t drink at all anymore, though I will on occasion have a glass of wine. It just doesn’t agree with me. But I am convinced that, in addition to the calories it packs, alcohol somehow changes a person’s body chemistry and makes it darn near impossible to lose weight. No facts at all to back that up, just experience.
  • No food after dinner. None. Well, duh. But this is the one that is hard for me. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to have just a handful of crackers? Maybe some cheese? And popcorn would taste so good right about now. Stop. Don’t do it. You ate dinner, right? You are not hungry, you are bored. Do something else. Drink a big glass of water. Or go to bed early for a change, you probably don’t get enough sleep.
  • Drink more water. You already do? Drink more than that. Ice cold water. Your body has to heat up the cold things you ingest and that takes energy. Besides, all that water flushes out the bad things. Yes, that is the highly technical scientific description of the process.
  • Exercise more. For me, right now, any exercise at all is more. For you, it may mean something else. Whatever you’re doing, do more. Change the balance. A cardiologist once told me (after saying my heart was in terrific shape and I had simply pulled a muscle and to stop worrying my way to a heart attack) that if you want to maximize weight loss, you should exercise an hour or two before bedtime. He said if you raise your metabolism at a time of day when you are not likely to be eating anything for several hours, your body burns stored fat instead. Makes sense to me. But it’s really hard to do. Do it anyway.
  • Eat less, more often. I know, another no brainer. Eat smaller portions, but eat several times a day. It works. But it also requires advance planning and that is where my plan suffers. Make the time to buy, prepare and pack up healthy snacks to bring with you to work. Don’t eat chips or sweets. Eat yogurt. Eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t ever get stuck with nothing (good) to eat. Because then you will head to the vending machine or the fast food place or be ever so grateful your co-worker brought in a dozen doughnuts to share because you are absolutely starving and your common sense has left the building. You can prevent that, you know. Plan ahead.
  • A word about cravings: If you have a craving for something you know you shouldn’t eat — I’m making a huge assumption here that everyone knows what is and is not fattening — it might be a good idea to go ahead and indulge. I know, that sounds contrary to losing weight. I disagree. In my experience, what most people do is wait until the craving is so strong they can’t resist it any longer and are prepared to commit several felonies if anyone tries to stop them, and then indulge to excess. They eat the entire bag of chips instead of just a few, the entire carton of ice cream instead of three spoonfuls. They order everything off the menu at Taco Bell, when if they had just given in last week, one chicken taco would have satisfied them. Be sensible. Don’t kid yourself by making up excuses to indulge (and really, if you keep ice cream in the freezer or cookies in the pantry and tell yourself you are not going to eat them, they’re just for company, you are not being honest), but if you absolutely have to satisfy a craving, do it while you still have some control and can be moderate.

And that’s it. Pretty much just plain old, long-winded common sense. It may not work for you at all, but I’m going to do my best to follow my own advice. It has worked for me in the past. We’ll see what happens this time. I won’t be blogging about this on a regular basis, but you can follow my so-called progress by checking out those ticker things over on the side. I tried to set easily (HA!) obtainable goals on those things, but once I’ve walked 50 miles, I’ll re-set it for 50 more. And after I lose the first 20 pounds, I’ll start to work on the next 20. Oh, believe me, there are at least 20 more. The weight ticker won’t change as often, since I refuse to weigh myself more than twice a week, but the exercise one should change daily.

Well, that’s the plan. It’s good to have a plan. You want to tell me about yours?


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8 responses to “Loss and Losing Weight

  1. Mary

    Oh, I’ve done that too. Lost 7 people one year, went down to a size 6. Looked great, felt like hell.

    I think your plan for weight loss seems sensible. I should post an eating plan too.

    zxzimtl – ancient Aztec weight loss program, whose success lay in the fact that by the time you managed to pronounce the name, you’d forgotten what you were craving.


  2. McB

    Yeah. Okay a few times I have done the deliberate weight loss thing, as opposed to the accidental kind. Listen, as short as I am what do you think I would look like if I was overweight too? When I was deliberately trying I went with Weight Watchers. If anyone needs a specific program to keep them honest I can recommend it. It’s very sensible and the group thing is very supportive.

    Here are some key things I picked up on the program that I try to incorporate even as I’ve gone my own way.

    (1) You must burn more than you take in. Plain and simple, no secrets.

    (2) You are going to get hungry and want to eat at times other than meals. You will, trust me. Keep healthy stuff you enjoy eating on hand for those between times. Pretzels, popcorn, fruit, veggies, and so on. If you don’t eat when you feel hungry, you are more likely to over indulge at meals because you can’t stop thinking about it.

    (3) Eat stuff that crunches and has a strong flavor. The more crunch and flavor, the more satisfying it is. I eat a lot of apples and pickles when I need to drop a few pounds. FYI, WW counts pickles as veggies and veggies are FREE FOOD according to WW.

    (4) Write down everything you put in your mouth, no matter how small a bite or how innocent. Why? Because if you have to write it down you will be more aware of what you are eating. And think in portions. Estimate cups and half cups as you fill your plate instead of just filling the plate.

    (4) Carbs are not bad! Repeat this to yourself. It’s the over indulgence in bad carbs that gets to you, but that’s true of every other food group too. Eat whole grains and enjoy. When purchasing packaged foods, look for those with an equal or greater than fiber to fat ratio. Fiber fills you up and helps satisfy you, and it sort of counters the fat calories.

    (5) Everything counts as exercise. Don’t want to walk? Mop the kitchen floor instead. So you burn calories and have something to show for it afterwards.

    (6) Caffeine is nearly as evil as alcohol when you are trying to lose weight. This is because coffee and tea, although primarily water, are also diuretics. They go through you without accomplishing anything. The point of drinking lots of water is to (a) help you feel full and (b) flush toxins that can interfere with weight loss out of your system.

    (7) Forget all the fat free whatsits. Wouldn’t you really rather have one really tasty cookie than 6 bland, cardboard imitations? The best way to maintain a diet is to NOT deny yourself everything you enjoy, just have it in moderation.

    ooulqdq … Okay anyone else read this as “ooh, you lucky duck”? No? Never mind.


  3. BCB

    Ahem. Caffeine is a Necessary Evil. Just saying.

    Other than that, those are great tips, McB. Thanks. I like the crunchy pickle idea. I love dill pickles but they seem sort of superfluous so I never buy them. But I guess that’s the point.

    Cookies, cakes, pies, most candy — I have no trouble at all resisting those. It’s chocolate that gets me every time. But one little piece of Dove dark goes a loooong way.

    I’m still estimating my walking distance, since I didn’t go to the store today as planned and still have no batteries. And no dog food. Good thing Quincy eats everydamnthing. So I figure I didn’t quite walk 1.5 yesterday, but 2.3 is a pretty accurate wild guess for both days. Tomorrow we get serious numbers.


  4. McB

    oh caffeine is definitely a necessity. I didn’t say I went w/o it.


  5. Anonymous

    ahh, I don’t drink, so that won’t be a problem. And I don’t eat after dinner on the nights I make a dinner, so check. I should probably make dinner more often, whatever. I also believe in the indulge the craving, because mostly I am weak, and will inevitably eat my substitute and then whatever I was craving, so check on that too. It is the dang exercise. I hate it. Really. I DO NOT exercise. Did I gain 8lbs over the last year, yep. Did I write it off as a metabolism change from turning 40, yep. So I do believe I will have to exercise, it is just so loud. ugh. Let me know how you do, isn’t everything supposed to sort of motivate others in the same boat? We’ll see.



  6. McB

    Andi – the main reason people don’t exercise is because they hate the forced structure of it. I’m one of them. But I discovered the wonder of audiobooks downloaded onto my iPod. Exercise ain’t so bad if you can distract yourself with a book. Also I throw myself into stuff like gardening, raking, mopping and so forth when I get the treadmill-induced hives but need to burn calories. Exercise is exercise, it doesn’t have to be a set routine.


  7. Keziah Fenton

    Having a dog who is much better behaved if he goes for a run is the only way I ever haul my fat butt out into the cold. :shrug: – which is a form of exercise, right McB? Whatever works.

    Is Team CB growing? 🙂



  8. mcb

    yes shrugging is a form of exercise but doesn’t burn many calories unless you do it pretty much constantly. And then, you know, you’re just going to have another set of problems.