Just Messin’ Around

People have been telling me to take it easy, get some rest. So today I decided to mess with my blog and see whether I could break anything. It turned out to be not such a “restful” process — hey, this borders on craft, far as I’m concerned — but so far it all seems to still work.

The old blog was sort of blah and boring. I kind of like the new look.

What do you think?

Ok, so I added a little exercise thing over there —– >
And then I had to mess around and figure out how to change the mileage on it. But just to be completely honest here, I have NOT YET actually walked 1.5 miles. Just wanted to see how it worked.

So I guess now I have to replace the batteries in my treadmill (so the LCD thing works and I know how far I walked) and . . . walk. At least 1.5 miles.

Who knew this was going to be such an ordeal.


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16 responses to “Just Messin’ Around

  1. Mary

    I understand.
    I modeled my blog on yours, because I wanted it to look impressive too. And then people must have started confusing my blog with yours, and you were concerned that you were losing your identity. Perfectly understandable feelings, nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

    The new look seems kind of nautical to me. All those curvy lines look like waves.


  2. Mary

    p.s. Two blog posts in two days? That’s rather a lot, isn’t it?


  3. BCB

    Ok, I had to go look at your blog, because it looks nothing like my old blog. Yours has pictures.

    Waves, huh? I think the little blue squares up top look kind of retro. They sort of remind me of little TV screens from the 60s. No idea why. And I can’t decide whether that’s a good thing. Or not.

    And this post doesn’t count as a post. Really.

    But maybe I’ll write one tomorrow too. Since I’m taking it easy and all.


  4. McB

    Hmmm, bubbles, maybe. That’s it, bubbles. Of the sort which an extremely linear thinking person might approve.

    It’s nice. Glad to hear you are taking it a bit easy.


  5. WapakGram

    Thanks for entertaining me today. And yesterday. So now you have 2 good things.
    Love the new blog! So very modern.

    vxznh- a sneeze!


  6. GatorPerson

    Oh, great! I’m supposed to see if you’ve changed the look of your blog? Don’t hold your breath. I’m a big picture person. Even with people, new dress? I’d notice what the person is wearing only if the person is nekkid.

    Well, you’ve changed the color of the topic titles. Love the new color.


  7. orangehands

    yeah, i kind of need a picture of your old blog (i haven’t been by recently. it fades from mind. i am sorry).

    but it’s very pretty.

    and hee hee, you did crafts. i did math and you did crafts, what is this world coming to?


  8. BCB

    Shhhh. Geez, OH. We don’t want word of that to get around.

    And the big difference is that there is now some color. And I like the way when you click on the triangles next to the month on the sidebar it opens up a drop-down menu with post titles.

    McB, those are bubbles? Maybe not so much linear as a cubist version.

    Oh hell, I just used an art term. I need to go lie down.


  9. Christina

    Me thinks you need to be added to Team CB. You wanna come join the cult?


  10. Lori

    Change is good.

    I like cubes.

    Yep. That’s it.


  11. Lori

    Wait. Why is you fish swimming in grass?

    Okay, that’s it.


  12. Scope Dope Cherrybomb

    Holy smoke I accidentally clicked on your grass and the ticker factory came up and wanted to know how much I wanted to exercise. NOT!!!! My exercise comes from typing in my words for NaNo. 🙂

    Love the blog.


  13. BCB

    Sorry, Scope, didn’t mean to scare you! I don’t want to either, but I’ve resigned myself to the need for it.

    Christina, that cult doesn’t have anything to do with crafts, does it? Just checking. Seriously, you have no idea how absurd it is, the idea of me being part of an exercise group. It’s not like I’ll be braving the elements and working my way up to a jog or a run. With my bad knees, the most I’ll ever do is a brisk walk. On the slightly inclined flat surface of my treadmill. In the comfort of my home and with handrails to hold onto. You all would hate me in no time. Probably do already.

    And Lori, I could get all cute and say because when it comes to exercise I’m like a fish out of water — but truth is I liked the colors. And the fish is cute. It makes me smile.

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll put up a different ticker thing for weight loss. I’ve already lost five pounds, can I count that? Never mind, of COURSE I’m going to count that. I’m slow, not stupid.


  14. Mary

    I think the fish goes well with the general nautical feel of the place now. A couple of cute sailors would not go amiss either. (They might go AWOL, but that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.)

    The cult of guilt is useful if you have trouble motivating yourself onto the treadmill, that’s all. Plus, if you join now there’s no membership fee and you get a bright shiny star to post on your blog when you’ve been good.

    (Heck. Go with what works. If you’ve already lost 5 pounds, then I think you’ve found a way that works pretty well already!)


  15. Theresa

    I like the new look! And while I did do a double-take at the fish swimming through the grass, I admit that I like the colors, too. Those ticker factory things are very hard to coordinate.

    And we have stars aplenty, should you decide that this is something that motivates you. My inner child is apparently in kindergarden, and stars and green check marks (joesgoals.com) just happen to work for me.

    But yeah, what Mary said. Go with what works! Losing 5 pounds is great! Go BCB!


  16. McB

    Oh yes, definitely include the first 5 pounds … and congratulations on that! Hey you have to start somewhere, why not start with progress?

    I like the little fishy too.