One Good Thing — how hard could it be?

McB has challenged me to come up with One Good Thing about today. But I have to do it before the end of the day. I’ve been trying all day to think of something and this is just not as easy as you might imagine. For example:

My commutes to and from work today were uneventful; but it only takes four minutes each way so perhaps avoiding disaster for that short a period of time doesn’t qualify.

I did not say or do anything at work today to get myself fired; but my boss was not in the office at all today so that doesn’t really count either.

But, hey, my boss was not in the office pestering me half to death today so I was very productive and got a lot of work done; but it was mostly stuff he should have done had he been there and not so much my own work and that’s not good it’s just frustrating.

I didn’t have to buy lunch today because I ate the lunch I brought yesterday yet didn’t get around to eating; but it was a salad and it was, um, kind of wilty and . . . not so good.

Sigh. You see? This is not an easy task, but I will persevere.

It was bright and sunny today; but I forgot my sunglasses at home and while I didn’t have to be out in it for more than four minutes at a time (see above re commute) it was hard to see and my eyes are watering even now just thinking about it.

Last time I checked I had not said anything today, publicly or privately, that would offend or anger anyone; but the day is not yet over and you just never know.

Geez, you’d think McB could wait and issue this challenge on a weekend when there are All Sorts of Good Things to report. I’m telling you, the woman is a tyrant.

Hmmm, what else . . . well, the neighbor’s tree that is leaning precariously did not fall on my house today; but the wind is supposed to pick up a bit here tonight and, well, let’s just hold off on that thought for now.

When I got home from work the dog was still in the back yard where I left him this morning and the cat was still in the house; but they each seemed to want to be elsewhere so from their perspective maybe that is not such a good thing and it makes me a little nervous that the cat seems to think there is Something of Great Interest in the garage.

It’s cold enough tonight for a fire in the fireplace and I have a new book waiting to be read and I’m pretty sure there’s some popcorn around here somewhere; but instead I’m sitting upstairs at my computer agonizing over this and having flashbacks to the spaced-out college history professor who gave bizarre writing assignments like the one to Define and Defend Ten Good Things About the Spanish Inquisition — but maybe I’m remembering wrong and it was Eight Things. Okay, fine, so maybe it wasn’t the Spanish Inquisition. It might have been the Industrial Revolution. Or the Ice Age. Hey, it was history, I wasn’t paying attention.

I’m getting desperate here. The day is almost over and I still don’t have One Good Th– no wait, I think I’ve got it: it is entirely possible that one person, just one mind you, will read this blog post and it will make them laugh. Yeah, yeah, I realize it’s a very slight possibility, and honestly I’d settle for a smile or even a smirk, because I think that still counts. And that would be One Very Good Thing.

There. My work is done.

You happy now, McB?


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7 responses to “One Good Thing — how hard could it be?

  1. dee

    I don’t know about McB, but reading your blog always makes me smile. And well, probably her too.
    Glad to see you back.


  2. GatorPerson

    Yep! Lots of smiles. I wish I knew what McB’s up to. Kinda like countering “It was a dark and stormy…..


  3. McB

    Okay, there might have been a smirk, possibly even a chuckle. I’ll give you that one. But …

    (2) My commute … only takes four minutes each way
    (3) my boss was not in the office pestering me half to death today
    (4) It was bright and sunny today
    (5) I had not said anything today, … that would offend or anger anyone… but
    (6) the day is not yet over and you just never know.

    I counted 5 more.

    wdrfift … what the drunk said just before he stuck is finger in the light socket.


  4. Louis

    I’m smiling.

    Good blog.


  5. Mary

    I am Not Amused.

    But if I weren’t in the middle of post-migraine recovery, I would perhaps have smiled a tad.

    Besides, you were hoping for one person to be amused, and by my English Major counting skills, you’ve just earned at least 20. (Since 5 times as many people read a blog as comment on it — and all unamused people leave comments to tell you of their displeasure.)

    krfwc – the phrase you hear back from the speaker at the fast food restaurant after you’ve placed a perfectly clear order requesting filet mignon and veuve cliquot to go.


  6. Theresa

    I smiled. Laughed aloud even. Thanks, BCB!


  7. jenb

    You do have the gift of making everyone smile and laugh and remember what life is all about.
    And if they don’t realize they should be smiling then it would seem to be a problem they should be working on.