Excuses, excuses . . .

This seems to be my summer for Putting Things Off. I have a list of Things I’m Supposed to Be Doing that you just would not believe. And it’s not getting any shorter because I keep finding reasons — okay, excuses — not to do stuff.

Why am I not doing it, you ask? Simple: I don’t want to.

This behaviour really makes no sense, because I’d feel so much better if I just DID some of this stuff already, got it over with, and moved on. I’m going to have to do it all eventually anyway. I know that. Putting it off is making it that much harder to accomplish. I know that, too.

Certain people are becoming a bit irritated with me for not doing some of this stuff. Certain other people are beginning to wonder just what exactly my problem is since I haven’t done some of this stuff. So far, I’m doing a pretty good job of ignoring them.

Maybe I can blame the planets; that usually works, you rarely hear a planet disavowing responsibility for anything. I think mine have stopped orbiting. Or they’ve left the solar system entirely.

Because even now, as I’m writing this and thinking, Okay, I really should DO some of this stuff, because this is getting ridiculous . . .

Nope. I just don’t want to.

I had no idea I was so stubborn.


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7 responses to “Excuses, excuses . . .

  1. McB

    Unto everything there is a season.


  2. Theresa

    Gee, you’re starting to sound like me. Procrastinator extraordinaire.

    Want to switch? You finish the revisions on my dissertation and I’ll do your stuff. As long as it can be done over the internet. :+)


  3. Jennifer Talty

    Just do it, that’s my philosophy. The only thing I put off is vacuming. What’s the point. The kids are just going to dirty it up as soon as I’m done. Okay, vacuming and dusting. Okay, maybe that and well, a whole bunch of other “stuff”. hey, lets go to the lake and just put things off for a little while longer. That would be fun.


  4. orangehands

    ok, except for the last line (i know exactly how stubborn i really am), this is me (probably her too) exactly.

    i have a list. it does, in fact, keep getting longer.

    and yet, am i doing it?

    nope, not even close.

    (and see, you have deep posts. real deep. hey, you mention planets. you’re so deep you can’t even stay on planet)

    ok, i’m going to go do one thing. or go to bed. something like that


  5. jenb

    Lists…yes I have some that are now going on 4 years and still stuff is not crossed off.
    But someday, nope not even then.
    It is just the boring stuff that never gets done. Because it is just mind-numbing.
    I don’t think we really are stubborn it is just that our time is better spent doing all the other interesting things we have to do.
    That is my story and I am sticking to it.


  6. Mary

    I don’t think it’s stubborness; I think you’ve got your priorities right. Are you going to be lying there on your deathbed telling your grieving friends family and paparazzi that you wished you’d spent more time cleaning the kitchen?

    Now go get on that treadmill. It’s much healthier than housework. Plus you get to make other people feel guilty if they don’t work out. 🙂


  7. Jennifer Talty

    So, you done yet? It out the door yet? Do I need to come down there and beat the crap out of you to get it out the door? Oh, wouldn’t that be fun. It’s been too long my friend.