It finally rained here over the weekend. All night Saturday and most of the day Sunday. Cool, steady, drenching rain. Washing away a springtime worth of dust and pollen.

It was the kind of rain that comes sometimes after a long dry spell and makes you want to stand out in it, spreading your arms wide in invitation, letting your head fall back while the soothing drops run over your face and through your hair and down your back.

I love when it rains like that at night, slow and soaking. When I can lie there in bed with a window cracked open, drifting off to sleep, listening to the rhythm of it on the roof and in the street, hear the wind-blown rush of it through the tree branches, the occasional rumble of distant thunder a muted accompaniment to the soft snores of the dog at the end of the bed.

We all need that sometimes, those things that are good for the soul.

What calms and soothes your inner beast?


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3 responses to “Rain

  1. McB

    We too got a much needed steady, soaking rain. For most of yesterday it was just a soft drizzle that didn’t require an umbrella.

    Things that calm my inner beast … quiet, gardening, snuggling with my cat, the sound of surf (wish I got to hear it more often) – to name a few.


  2. Sheryl

    The tap of keys on the keyboard. It means the writing is going well, or that I’m commenting on a blog which always makes me smile. Well, most of the time anyway.

    The temperature dropped 23 degrees celcius in the last three days. I hope this in not a sign of the summer.The poor garden doesn’t quite know what to do. It’s actually a little stressful to be out in the yard these days, rushing around covering stuff up so it doesn’t freeze.


  3. btuda

    Vanilla candles and good sleeping weather. If necessary, I force myself to watch comedies until I’m not so tense. I can’t even begin the count the number of hours I’ve watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”