Hiatus Interuptus

I am thrilled to announce that before the weekend is over, Bryan Weitzel will be posting another excerpt on his blog in his continuing Mallory saga. Yep, that’s right folks. After a two month Sabbatical, Bryan has come to his senses and realized that a Sabbatical refers to activity “relating to or suitable for the Sabbath.” Or is more commonly defined as “a period of leave from work for research, study, or travel, often with pay and usually granted to college professors every seven years.” So now that his ill-considered and poorly defined Sabbatical has come to an end, Bryan will be writing regular posts on his blog for at least the next seven years.

You can access his blog here. Please, feel free to comment early and often. Ask questions. Demand explanations. Beg for lengthier and more frequent excerpts. Really. He loves that kind of stuff.

Challenge me to a duel of semantics, will he? [ref. comments on previous post] Seems he forgot that, as the one challenged, I get to set terms and have my choice of weapons.

Now where was I? I left my H/H in a very delicate situation. They probably continued on without me, unable to restrain themselves. Oh geez, look at that. Give them the simple task of defeating an enemy and they decide to take over the world and Wal-Mart too.

Annie, no, put that down before someone gets– hurt. Damn.

You all need to stop distracting me. Just look at this mess.

Girl, the police are going to have a tough time extracting information from a man in that condition. Where’s Jack?

Oh, hell.

He’s doing what?


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47 responses to “Hiatus Interuptus

  1. Bryan

    Well, crap. I thought the sabbatical was seven years long. I didn’t realize I only got a couple months every seven years. Gotta read the rules next time.

    Of course, I haven’t done squat in two months, so now, not only do I have to write something tonight, I need to read what I’ve already written just so I know what’s happened.

    Shoulda listened to all my friends who warned me not to play with imaginary people.


  2. McB

    And I want to know what’s going on with Annie too.


  3. Lou

    Yeah, and who’s Jack?


  4. Anonymous

    oh, thank bob BCB started talking again. i was worried, but i knew it couldn’t last. ha!

    aren’t Jack and Annie her characters? of course, if we got more excerpts we WOULD KNOW THIS.

    ahem. and how you been?



  5. dee

    More excerpts, please.
    I enjoy Mallory, really I do. Booger wall and all. But I enjoy YOUR people too. So, if you don’t mind, a nice long excerpt would be grand.


  6. Anonymous

    well, BCB, i bothered byran or more.

    but now i’m here to annoy you til lyou post an excerpt.

    *annoy, annoy annoy, annoy*

    and i’ll be back.



  7. Anonymous

    wel, i bothered bryan too



  8. Bryan

    Isn’t there some rule about being a prolific commentator while at the same time allowing your own blog to wallow… wallow, I say… in a veritable… no wait… this is better… trudge… yeah… trudging through a barren landscape of… no, trudging would involve movement… stagnate, yeah, stagnate, like a once vibrant sea now only hospitable to brine shrimp, you know, sea monkeys… not that I’m saying OH et al are sea monkeys, or me either, not Me… well actually, yes, not Me… she’s not a sea monkey either… I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s time to post again.


  9. Mary

    Post time?I thought post time was at 3 o’clock. (My time)

    Didn’t the Derby already start? Maybe I have time to get a bet down before downing that mint julep.

    Or maybe I should stay here and wait for a new post. Yes, that’s a possibility 🙂

    wgfpafxf – the correct response after sipping a mint julep that has too much mint and not nearly enough julep


  10. Mary

    Or we could just hold a party here. I mean, if nobody’s using this space, seems a shame not to do something with it. I think the decor could use a little updating, though. I just found some tinsel over here… I could have sworn that it was somebody else’s job to clean up after that Christmas party… just can’t remember whose job it was.


  11. Bryan

    BCB, dear, you realize you could post excerpts with little or no additional effort? I mean, just log in, copy, paste, publish, be done with it. I bet I know a couple readers who’d be thrilled with the idea.

    Besides, you really don’t want Mary trashing the place again like she did when you went on vacation. Do you?


  12. Bryan



  13. Lou

    Book done yet?


  14. Anonymous

    is he calling me a sea monkey? i still can’t figure it out. 🙂

    hmmm, party time i guess. since BCB is being all lurkery and stuff. makes no sense. how annoying.

    well, drinks up. mary, you can do the decorations. bryan (who should also be posting…i’m just saying) you can do the food. now, who wants alcohol and who wants soda and who just wants nice cold ice water because it is so HOT out…i’m digressing, but it’s really hot out. ice. gimme the ice.


    book done yet?


  15. Mary

    Um, Bryan? Excuse me? Did I suddenly become the Johnny Depp of the group, hmmm? As I recall, the trashing — that is, the festive decorating of this blog was a group effort. It would be selfish for me to claim all the credit. There is no “moi” in team 😉

    wxghaerh – the ancient battle cry of the Celtic wench as she hexed the hapless photographer


  16. Anonymous

    ummm, BCB, your blog is broken. a new post hasn’t shown up.

    get right on that, will you?



  17. Bryan

    Yo, BCB!

    Book done yet? Post ready yet? Excerpt available yet? Are we there yet?

    C’mon, hurry up already.


  18. btuda

    Hmm. And where pray tell is OH’s blog? I wanna go over there to play.


  19. Anonymous

    ha. when you find it, btuda, leave me directions please. i haven’t been there since…before june i think.

    book done yet?



  20. Bryan

    Right. I see how it is. I’ll just put my feet up on the coffee table and start on this pitcher of margaritas.

    I can wait.


  21. Cary

    Pass the pitcher, Bryan. And get those feet off the coffee table. Geez, men! Bet you leave the toilet seat up too. 🙂

    Now, BCB, book done yet? Excerpt ready to post?


  22. Mary

    Why hello Fred! And hello to you too, Clarke. BCB, you never told me this was a dog-friendly blog! But I think you should maybe consider getting a few more couches in here. It’s amazing how one dog can streeeetch out and take over a whole couch like that. Never mind. I notice Bryan’s gotten up to refill his glass. I’m sure he won’t mind if I steal his chair.

    lvdfak – why yes, I’d love a glass of lvdfak


  23. Anonymous

    echo echo echo…

    hey BCB, book done yet?

    -guess who? yep, OH 🙂


  24. Lori

    Btuda (& OH) : I noticed neither one of you had made it there yet so . (Wonder if I still actually know how to do that link stuff. WordPress lets me cheat.)

    *surveys the bodies scattered around the room*

    Where is Jack?

    xatujvi: Xan attracted total undeserving jerks. Vicotry impossible.


  25. Lori

    Okay. This works in FireFox. PHEW! Everytime I clicked in the comment box in Safari, it sent me dirrectly to OH’s neglected blog.

    Anyway. Yeah, I don’t remember how to link properly. Drat.

    I’ll go away now.



  26. Lori



  27. Lori

    Okay. Don’t panic. Bryan taught me what to do in these situations.

    Think, Lori, think.

    Just close the tag, right?



  28. Lori

    Did it work?


  29. Lori


    I’m going to go take a nap now.


  30. McB

    LOL! That has to be the world’s longest link.


  31. Anonymous

    wonderful. (yes, the sarcasm is heavy in my voice)

    because of you (and at the Grill you can see part of my struggles) i have created a new blog.


    here, you *%#$@#&(*#&%##^#. i now have a blog i can sign into. go have fun.

    book done yet?



  32. Bryan

    Okay, don’t say you didn’t have fair warning. It’s time to get this party started.

    . ……o……………..(==)


  33. Anonymous

    oh, yeah, party time

    !/ <- arms waving
    ((<>)) <- hips shaking
    _ _ <- feet moving …..//—…,-../-,/-,.,- <- messy floor -OH


  34. Bryan

    Damn, there’s glitter on the floor here, too. What’s up with that?


  35. Bryan

    By the way, you realize that this post now has more comments than the infamous vacation post, right? Do you see the problem here? You’re a third of the way to the century mark. That can’t be good, can it?


  36. me

    Good thing I found my way over here, because I was having an identity crisis, but Bryan clarified it for me. I am NOT a sea monkey. Whew! That clears some things up.


  37. BCB

    But Bryan, you have not yet surpassed the number from back in January when you all wrote a nice little story for me. I checked.

    And this comment does not count.

    And I think all of Lori’s comments were really just one long comment. Probably.


  38. Bryan

    All comments are created equal. If Blogger says there are 38 comments, there are 38 comments.

    So if the comments on this post, exceed the number of comments from the January post, you’ll be out of excuses.


  39. Lori

    Sorry BCB. That was one long trip, but still six comments.

    zwqhmxny: Zoo women quickly hit many xylophone nosily. Yep.
    (Wow, I am WAY out of practice. Not that practice every really helped me in this area.)

    focvoil: For character, only violet or indigo leggings.
    (Seriously, I only get worse, and yet I still try.)


  40. McB

    I dunno but there’s an awful lot of used limes laying around. Ya’ll better watch your step.

    Ruthless women vote overwhelming honors (to) Jenny


  41. Mary

    aiiiiiieeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEE… watch out!
    Whew! Sorry about that. Some left a lime peel lying (laying) on the floor. Slippery floors, too. Magnificient save, though, don’t you think?

    BTW, BCB, IIRC, after you finish the book, our next cry will be “when’s the tour?”

    What comes around… well, fine. I was just saying.

    Don’t mind me. I’m going to go nurse my ankle and doctor somebody’s drink…


  42. orangehands

    hand over drink

    so how many do we need?


  43. Bryan

    This is it. Comment #43 is now officially more than the previous record of 42. Time to blog BCB.


  44. Lori

    I do believe BCB is at least attempting to use all this non-posting time to focus on writing a book, so lets give her a break here.

    I mean, let’s at least give her until comment 45 before we start bugging her again…

    xlvick: That Vick’s a big’un.


  45. Bryan

    Okay, #45. Now post.

    And with all this “time off” she should be done already. Or she could post from the office where she can’t be working on her book anyway.


  46. orangehands


    post, post, post!


  47. Mary

    Does she work at a “post office” as it were? I can’t post nuthin’ from work. (Unless I’m working from home, as today.)