I woke up this morning and thought, “I need to think of something to write about on my blog.” And immediately remembered what someone told me just yesterday, “You’re thinking too much again. I warned you about that.” Oddly, the person who told me this is a very thoughtful person, a person who thinks great thoughts. Deep thoughts. A person whose opinion I trust and respect. Of course, this person also seems to credit the notion that aliens have abducted me.

But I’m not sure what I think about this. How is it possible to think less?

After giving it a great deal of thought [grin], I think what this person meant was that I should stop having second thoughts and just trust my instincts. Good advice, whether that was the message or not.

I have focused a significant amount of time and attention this past week or two on thinking and then expressing those thoughts in blog comments and email. And I have not spent nearly enough time and attention on my own writing. I need to listen to my instincts about this.

So I am announcing a self-imposed hiatus. I really like that word. So I looked it up. Online. Yes, I’m too lazy to get up, go downstairs and find the dictionary. Even though I love the dictionary; it’s my favorite book.

From an online thesaurus:

Hiatus: pause, break, interruption, gap, space, lull, interval, time away

From the online Encarta Encyclopedia:

Hiatus: 1. unexpected gap: a break in something where there should be continuity

So that’s what I’ll be doing for the next little while, taking a hiatus from blog-type writings so I can focus on book-type writings.

This is a good thing. How long will it last? I’m very easily distracted, so it’s hard to say. A month? A week? Two days? I have a self-imposed writing deadline coming up and I’ll need to work hard if I’m to have any hope of meeting it.

In the meantime, if any of you really, really miss reading my words of wisdom — well, I just can’t imagine that being the case. But if you do, there are about seven months’ worth of my musings right here on this blog. And there is at least a book’s worth of stuff scattered on various other blogs around town.

Go forth and re-read.


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14 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Jennifer Talty

    Well now. Whoever told you that you should trust your instincts (which I’m sure is what was implied) is a freaking genius. Really. You do think too much. I mean, you think, contimplate, think some more, agonize, then possibly act. Just do it for crying out loud.

    However, everything in moderation.


  2. jenb

    I am really looking forward (hopefully soon) to reading(when published) the fruits of your blog hiatus.

    Hope the writing goes well and just yell if we can do anything for you.


  3. Theresa

    I certainly understand the need to take a blog hiatus. Would never have finished that disseration thing if I hadn’t.

    So GO, BCB!! Can’t wait to read your book someday!


  4. Anonymous

    i reread it all already.

    come play at the Grill at least šŸ˜¦

    but i want your book so everywhere else can just wait



  5. Bryan

    “Hiatus: 1. unexpected gap: a break in something where there should be continuity”

    where there should be continuity.

    You better hurry up and get the book done. We ain’t puttin’ up with hiatuses all over the tarnation if’n we don’t git no book. Lookit me, I’m talkin’ all Suth’rn without ya’ll ‘roun’ heppin’ me. Gosh durn it.


  6. Lou

    Bryan – you crack me up!!

    BCB – Book done yet??


  7. Cary


    (Book done yet?)


  8. Bryan

    So, is the hiatus over yet, huh, huh, is it, huh?

    Oh, man! What’s taking so long?


  9. Bryan

    BCB, how’s that hiatus thing going? Is it over, or are you still taking time off?

    When’s the next post due?


  10. Bryan


    I’ve read this thing front to back three times. Is anybody home?


    I’m coming back tomorrow, just so you know.


  11. BCB

    Bryan, darlin’, I know you’re a very talented writer, but even I am amazed at how you’ve managed in a few short comments to go from the most godawful southern accent ever, to a dead-on impression of Quincy the Wonder Dog, to a fairly accurate portrayal of my boss expressing impatience over me not working on weekends, and are now approaching stalker status. Very impressive.

    However, I’m seriously considering making my hiatus last at least as long as yours. And your last post was more than two months ago, I believe. It would seem that we might have a stalemate.

    So . . . why don’t you go write your own damn post? What’s your guy Mallory been up to lately?

    Maybe everyone else reading this will be good enough to go over to Bryan’s blog now and pester HIM so I can get some work done? Geez.


  12. Bryan

    Yeah, see, I’m on sabbatical. That’s different.

    Tell you what. If you put up a post, and give up this wacky hiatus thing, I’ll put up a new Mallory post before the weekend is out.


  13. dee

    Wow. That looked like a challenge being issued to me.
    And the winner is… (drumroll, please)

    … all the rest of us!

    That’s right, if BCB gives in and posts, then Bryan will post. And I’ve MISSED Bryan’s posts. So yeah, winners we will all be.

    But if BCB refuses to post, that means she’s working on finishing her book. And again, winners we will all be.


  14. Mary

    We miss you Miss B,
    but do not forget
    we all need to know
    is the book done yet?

    Keats, Shelley, Btuda… Mary?