How Cool Is This?!

I am so excited to be able to say this: Jennifer Talty’s e-books are now available to pre-order in PRINT form! At both Books-A-Million and at Borders — even at Borders in Canada, but I don’t know the link for that.

I am so happy for her and so proud. As I understand it — and I could be wrong, but I’m not — in the world of e-books pre-orders are everything. Extremely important. So go order a copy or two. I did. Go now. Yes, you over in the corner. Go.

Here’s the link to Books-A-Million, where you can order RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU


And to Borders, where you can order RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and her anthology HAUNT ME BABY, ONE MORE TIME


HA! I think I maybe even did that right without breaking anything.

I’m going to go hide out now, because she is going to just kill me for doing this. I don’t even have to answer my phone because I know what she’ll say: “I can’t believe you did that!” Yeah, funny thing, people are saying that to me a lot these days. But what are friends for? Someday she’ll do it for me.

It is just so exciting to see someone’s dreams coming true.


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2 responses to “How Cool Is This?!

  1. Jennifer Talty

    You know, I can’t believe you did that! Then I again, I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Thank you. You are very sweet and one of the most supportive, kind, generous people I know. Sniff, sniff, hand me a tissue please.

    And I ordered a few books. Just a half a dozen or so. Snort.


  2. Lou

    Jen-T – congratulations!! We are all proud of you!

    BcB: Book done yet??