Public Service

If you are a woman, or if you know any women, go over here and read the post titled Evil Necessities:

  • Jennifer Talty’s Blog
  • And then, if you have anything to say about courage or strength or generosity or humour or grace in the face of adversity and fear, you can come back over here and tell me about it. Though in this instance you won’t be telling me anything I don’t already know. Since the fool woman has turned off her comments, I promise to make her come over here and read what you have to say.

    But you’d also damn well better be prepared to tell me you have the sense to heed her warning and take her excellent advice.


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    7 responses to “Public Service

    1. bon cheri bomb

      I’ll go first:

      Jen, you are my hero and I’m proud to call you friend.



    2. orangehands

      JJ: i am very, very glad you go to the doctors.


    3. Mary

      Being careful not to break her vow of silence, Mary quietly tiptoes her way across the blog until she reaches Jen-T.

      Mary tiptoes away to visit her doctor.

      ailgnn – the gnnn doctor you visit when you’re ailing in a feminine area.


    4. Anonymous

      Jen (((hugs)))

      blogger doesn’t like me.



    5. me

      BCB, tell Jen-t: Big Hug. So glad to hear everything is fine. Sort of. Well, finer than it could have been. You know what I mean.

      I had my first mammogram last month. Wasn’t as bad as I was told (amusingly, I had to wait for another machine because the squishing mechanism was too small for me), but I freaked out when the results came back. “Normal” was not checked. It used the word “benign”. Yes that’s a good word, but it still means something’s in there. I freaked out and called my doctor and was told, don’t worry, it’s a normal not normal, so call back in 5 years.

      Fear of the squishing mechanism and other various instruments of torture is nothing compared to reading what the other options were on the results checklist. So I concur with Jen-t: go get squished to be sure you’re normal or even abnormally normal, and fix it if you’re not.


    6. Cary

      Hate that yearly visit, but understand it’s a necessary evil. And, my ob/gyn won’t give me my new prescriptions until I show up, so, you know, there you go….

      My friend’s mom kept a mammogram reminder taped to her fridge. I just remember the “how to prepare for your first mammogram” section: undress, lay down on cold garage floor, and have spouse drive car tire over your breast. Fun, huh?

      I’m not due for that pleasure for another couple years. And considering I’ve been a “miserable failure” as a woman to date, I’m assuming the fun will continue when I get there.

      Jen-t – Good for you! Taking care of yourself can’t be easy with your busy schedule. (Three kids, one DH, how many hockey teams again? and in two countries? AND you’re days away from being a “published” author?) But still, you made the time for yourself. And your doc is right. It is the best gift you can give yourself AND your family.


    7. btuda

      Excellent advice, going to the doctor, when you should, even if you don’t want to.

      I had an experience a few years ago when a certain yearly exam wasn’t/couldn’t be read for conclusive results and I had to go back one a week for four weeks until they got it right. Ever try squeezing one of those things in on your lunch hour? (no pun intended and I mean the OTHER exam, thank you.)

      And here’s my favorite awkward conversation with my mother: “Of course you’re too young for gray hair! But I bet you’re starting menopause.” Um, gee, thanks, Mom.