I’m busy here

Why is it so hard to go away for a week of vacation? The closer it gets the more stressed I feel, the harder I work to get everything done so I can leave.

Something is wrong with this picture. I mean, c’mon, it’s only a week. It’s not like I’m planning to be gone for eight days or anything. How tough can it be for everyone in my life to do without me for one lousy week?

What if I got run over by a truck and ended up in the hospital for a week? Not much prep time involved in that, let me tell you. And the people who know me would either be busy getting drunk and celebrating in the streets and wouldn’t notice that my chores were undone, or they’d be thrown into a deep dark depression and, again, would not notice.

Eventually, someone would make arrangements to feed the cat and make sure the dog went outside on occasion. Someone would either bring the newspapers inside or cancel delivery. Same with the mail. Someone else would clean the litter box, take out the garbage, water the plants and make sure the kids got their weekly allotment of funds.

Someone might even realize that NO ONE will be here to eat fudge and cookies or gaze appreciatively at holiday decorations and decide that all that can JUST WAIT.

At work, someone else would file the sales tax reports, though the ones for SC would be wrong because they’re impossible to figure out. Someone else would deposit the receipts and pay the bills. Someone would write the paychecks, believe me. I’ve heard the IRS insists that you deposit payroll tax if they notice you didn’t, so someone might even remember to do that. Eventually.

And either someone would come over here and write a few words in my absence or those of you who apparently have nothing better to do than pester me about how I haven’t written on my blog for a while would find something else to do.


It’s only a week. And yet I’ve got a month’s worth of work to do in the four days before I leave. So I’m busy.

And really, YOUR time would be better spent practicing how you’re going to fall all over yourselves with gratitude when I return and take up where I left off.

If past experience is anything to go by, you all need the practice.


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4 responses to “I’m busy here

  1. Jennifer Talty

    Have a great time! You deserve this and all the other stuff, well, no stress. Just enjoy your vacation. I’ll miss you.


  2. Bryan

    Tell you what… if you post an entry while you’re gone, I’ll practice my kowtow then.

    (p.s. blogger will allow you to schedule future posts; of course, you still have to write them before you leave…)


  3. Cary

    Hi BCB,

    Hope you can squeeze me in to your pre-vacation juggernaut. The Cookie-exchangers would like to send a care package to an ailing fellow CB, and we’d like to see if you have her real-world identity and address. Please e-mail me asap (if you can) at cary_sanz@yahoo.com. Thanks!


  4. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Sis. Okay, so I let the cat out of the bag; so what. After all your running around taking care of others, you deserve a little attention just for yourself. I only wish I was there in person to annoy you with the attention myself. Love you, Booko.