Quiet. Be quiet.

They’re gone. The laundry is dry and folded. The hair dryers and kool-aid scented shampoos are packed. The laptops and cell phones and assorted cords are tucked away. Shoes, jackets, hats. All packed up and loaded in the car. The long round trip to school and back has been completed, the girls returned to their respective dorms.

It was a good visit, one of the best, but now it’s done.


The boys are still here somewhere, they’re not leaving until morning and they’ll be back later to shoot pool, but now they’re off doing other things and for the moment the house is quiet.

Resting. Until next time.


The TV is off, the radios and CD players are silent. I know that is not the phone ringing. Who would dare? Whatever it was, that noise has stopped now as well.

The dog is snuffling gently in his sleep, exhausted from keeping track of so many people. The cat is making soft little mewling noises, burrowed deep into a stray blanket left on the couch.

The only other sound is the clicking of the keyboard and soon that too will cease.


Listen to that.


At last.

Until next time.


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4 responses to “Ssshh

  1. Jen-t

    Boo! No quiet in my house!


  2. Mary

    I’m trying to be wery, wery kwuiiiiette here… I’m hunting wabbits… while being excessively kweuuuuute


  3. Scope Dope Cherrybomb

    Just dropped in to say hello. Your door was open and I thought you might like company. Heard the sound of keys clacking on a keyboard and figured you were writing. I will quietly slip back out again and close the door. Will leave sign outside “Writing in Progress. Do Not Disturb.” Shhh!


  4. btuda

    Envy. Have you ever tried to write while “Ed, Edd and Eddie” is on TV?

    (Shudder, shudder)

    The gag reflex is horrible.