Since you asked, and asked, and asked . . .

First of all, knock it off. Do you know how many of you people sent this email questionnaire to me? Too many.

Second, I do not reply to nonsense like this because it often carries germs that can wreak havoc with computers that don’t have the latest anti-virus software.

And third– well hell, if you really want to know, and since the six of you who sent it to me are pretty much the only ones reading this blog. . . but I’m deleting the questions I don’t feel like answering. C’mon, there were more than thirty of them and I’m busy here.

About Me: (this really should be changed to something more accurate)

What time is it: Is this a trick question? Do you not have a watch?

Full name: If you know me well enough to ask all these stupid damn questions, then you’d better know the answer to this one at least.

What are you most afraid of? Success beyond my wildest dreams.

Place of birth: Minneapolis, MN. There was a fire at the hospital the day after I went home, but I had nothing to do with that. Really. Something about faulty wiring on the holiday decorations.

Loved someone so much it made you cry: Of course I have. Geez, I’m a daughter and a sister and an ex-wife and a mom and a friend. Besides, everything makes me cry. Just ask my kids, who claim a bad weather report can make me cry.

Favorite Flower: Purple irises and yellow tea roses, together. Why, are you sending some? How nice. Thank you.

Favorite Drink: Ice water and unsweetened tea, hot or iced.

How many times you failed your driver’s license? Who says I have one? I’ve never failed any test, as far as I can remember.

Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? You mean before ALL SIX of these? I think there was a really long one from Bob Mayer — it was a million-word history of the US Special Forces [from an online class of his I’m taking]. I should be reading that instead of answering all these questions. And there was one from the library, saying some books were due in a couple days — I should be reading those, too.

What do you do most often when you are bored? I’m rarely bored — the voices in my head are quite entertaining.

What time is Bedtime: It varies, but it’s usually way too close to the time I have to wake up again.

Last person you went to dinner with: Why? Did they become suddenly and violently ill?

Ford or Chevy: Among other things, my grandpa had a garage. My dad used to tell a story about how, when Ford first came out with a V-8 engine, it was really difficult for mechanics to work on it without special tools and after that grandpa hated Ford cars. My grandpa could swear fluently in Norwegian. I do a passable imitation. Dad said he’d never buy a Ford, even though he freely admitted it was a stupid reason not to. So, family tradition says Chevy. In two languages.

What are you listening to right now: I believe that sound is crickets.

What are your favorite colors: My daughter says it’s black; a direct quote: “I’ll only go clothes shopping with you if you promise not to buy anything black.” But I also like deep jewel tones.

How many Tattoos do you have: Wouldn’t you rather know what and where they are? Sorry, don’t have any. They expand and turn green.

How many pets do you have? Well, the cat has me, so maybe that doesn’t count. And I sort of have unofficial half-custody of a dog. I no longer have any fish, hamsters, guinea pigs or iguanas.

What would you like to accomplish before you die? To finish living. And to FTDB and see it published. And then another. And travel everywhere and talk to people. Maybe even ask them stupid questions.

What are your favorite movies: I have no idea; I don’t do well with names. Probably the ones that came out before special effects were invented — the ones with sexy banter and witty dialog that makes you think.

Beach or Forest? I’ve already spent way too much time at the beach with kids — and then cleaning up the sandy swimsuits, towels and other sunscreen-glazed, brine-encrusted paraphernalia — but I do enjoy a long walk on an empty beach in the winter months and I love watching the waves and the pelicans. Otherwise, it’s the forest. Or the mountains. And there is nothing quite like the wide open expanse of the plains, where you can see the curve of the earth.

DIRECTIONS: Now, here’s what you’re supposed to do. . . Wait just a minute here. Do you really believe for one minute that I am going to follow directions?

And maybe I have some questions of my own. But this post is already way too long, so look for them in the next one.


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5 responses to “Since you asked, and asked, and asked . . .

  1. Never you mind, Missy


    wmkfru – a variant of frou frou.
    (Term generally used by a speaker who is talking while simultaneously eating a large slice of cake.)


  2. orangehands

    ROFTLMAO. this is how i used to answer these, back when i was an irritable know-it-all. come to think of it, i still am. hmmm, must have calmed down in recent years.


  3. Bryan


    I just want to remind you that I was not one of the SIX who sent this to you (although, if I had to guess, two or three of the people I did send it to probably sent it to you). I should have done as you did and blogged about it, and the you may never have seen it. Sorry. Maybe next time.

    You’re on your own with the other three, however.


  4. Sheryl

    Funny how one CB can irritate so many with a single email. Your answers, as always, are brilliant. I want to write like you when I grow up. A million word essay on the SF. You better get reading. Bob only knows what will happen if you don’t get that done in a timely fashion.


  5. rssasrb

    You are braver than I am. I don’t respond to the blasted things either but CMS is important to me and she sent it. Thanks for the info. Blogging it was brilliant. And funny. As per your usual blogs.

    And I promise to never ever send you an email survey, joke, questionnaire etc, etc, etc. (The King and I Yul Brenner)